Happy Birthday to my Sister a Day Late!

I put up a nice new combined post for my mother and my sister, and my sister got that Sunday post, but I felt bad that my poor sister didn’t get any posts just for her because she was foolishly born 34 years before a protest day.  So a day late, I am going to re-post the post I made for her birthday last year.

1. I know I know, they aren’t “actually” sisters!  But they are so cute together, and their characters are supposed to be closer than sisters.

2.  These two are “really” sisters.  Cousin-sisters, at least.  And in a lot of ways, their relationship is the linchpin of this whole film.

3. These two really are sisters, but they don’t know it, because Rekha is hiding behind her veil so Parveen won’t recognize her, but at the same time she is pretending to be her sister for the sake of Shashi.  And of course, Amitabh and Shashi are really brothers too and don’t know it either.  Suhaag is just the most confusing movie!

4. I love Maddy in this movie, and I love how it is a “brother” movie, but the sister relationship isn’t forgotten about either!

5. This one feels kind of related to the one above, the younger sister trying to get a match for her big sister.  Plus, the music is so pretty!  And, I love Tabu.  And Jane Austen.  And Sense and Sensibility.  I’m not so thrilled about Aish, but at least I love her dancing.

6. I already posted about this movie, and how awesome this song is in showing the two sisters!  And how the movie frustrated me by not giving nearly enough time to the sister relationship in the end.

7. That reminds me, in that same post I talked about how the sisters are introduced in this other film with the most boring by the numbers kind of “innocent village girls!” song.  But I love this later one from Laaga Chunari, when they take on a pair of brothers in a wedding song (try not to let your head hurt by thinking to much about having Jaya play Abhishek and Kunal’s mother-in-law and being in reality Kunal’s aunt-in-law and Abhishek’s mother)

8. Speaking of sisters and wedding songs, I almost forgot my all time favorite Indian film sister pair!  No matter what else happens in the film, the relationship between the two of them is just so solid.  It makes complete sense that she is the one to give her away at her wedding.

9. And finally (ending with 9 since it is my sister’s lucky number), this isn’t a sister song that much, although I guess we do see the sisters Preity and Gia, but it is one that my sister and I watched together so many times we can literally sing along doing not just the words, but the drum beats too! (we were yelled at by her RA for singing along too loudly while watching it in the common area of her dorm)


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