Hello Youtube Focus Group! New Video!

20 minutes to film (two takes), 40 minutes figuring out where to put the camera, and 3 days figuring out how to get it off of my phone and into the world (I finally just loaded it straight from phone to youtube and did minimal editing right there).  Because technology continues to hate me.  Anyway, I know it still isn’t perfect, but it’s better!

Before you say anything, yes the lighting isn’t as good as it could be, it seems strangely out of focus, and I still haven’t figured out how to put in opening music.

However!  I am talking faster and gesticulating more, and you get to see cool stuff behind me, and I did it on the phone instead of the laptop camera, and I remembered to do a blog plug at the end.  So, progress!


7 thoughts on “Hello Youtube Focus Group! New Video!

  1. Loved the backdrop! Especially your sewing station! I’m not sure why but the video was sort of tilted. The height of the video was good but you were slouching a bit.

    Good thing the content was as usual great and the pace of speaking was comfortable enough to make me focus on the content more than everything else so I guess that’s a win! The editing glitches will surely work themselves out as you make more of these.

    About the actual post now. Well I watched Babumoshai Friday. The theatre was moderately packed. The ticket cost me 200 bucks which is decent given it was 150+taxes.

    The movie wasn’t like a much watch. It was decent. An average Nawazuddin fare. Acting was tight all around, story was ok. I was really surprised to know that the film was made with budget of just 5C. And it made 2C on the first two days alone and that too when Punjab and Haryana are under a state of emergency and a curfew is imposed! So nobody from those two major hindi film states has gone to see any films and yet this little film is already close to breaking even! Nawazuddin in fact slammed the Bollywood media for highlighting the tiny budget as if it were a disadvantage and asked how ‘industry experts’ claim a 5C movie making 10C as a flop and a 100C movie making 70C a hit!

    Your video hits the nail on the head. Maybe you can tell us a bit more about biased media reporting and skewed BO numbers and actual profits made by movies!


    • Okay, Content=Done! Height=Done! Backdrop=Done! focus, camera angle, all still need work. Also, I need to sit up straight (you and my Dad should get together and compare notes, he has been saying that to me my entire life).

      For the content, back in the day, Indian film used to be all about length of run rather than profits. Which was a better goal to shoot for, harder to “trick” the public into believing bad information, and a better way to guarantee a superior and profit-making product. The studios and the media are going hand in hand now with promoting those big figures. And it feels like it is part of a whole general “look! We are a grown-up country now with grown-up businesses and stuff!” kind of attitude. You can’t say that Awaara made more money than 3 Idiots, because that would break the myth of steady forward progress, and improvement post liberalization. That multiplexes and malls are good for the country, consumerism is helping us all, etc. etc. Of course, back in the day when Awaara actually came out you couldn’t say that Awaara was making money because that would break the myth of socialization leading to improvement and the film industry being evil and western-influenced and “unIndian”, you had to ignore the story entirely or else report it as “the masses have been tricked!”

      It seems like the money stuff is yet another way in which the film industry has come to have an outsize meaning for Indian culture which is leading to miss-information and propaganda and headlines. It’s not allowed to just be what it is, it all has to prove something.

      On Sun, Aug 27, 2017 at 12:22 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • The way I see it, it’s the fancy lads with the marketing degrees that ruined films and film promotion. I don’t know if you know but we have degree fads. Like my parents’ generation had the arts degree fad in their time, in my time it was medical, then came the business degree fad and now we have the engineering degree fad. The MBA fad coincided with the explosion and expansion of cable TV in India. And that’s where the pricey promotional strategies probably came in. Of course, book smarts and what works for Hollywood doesn’t always work for India. Actually it mostly doesn’t. So we see promotional strategies that look more creative than the actual film. The Indian film industry ilhas stagnated at the top and is evolving at the lower end. The lower end is making actually money and food films and the upper end is what’s visible and driving the coverage of numbers in the press.

        This leads to a skewed public perception. For example, as you say the slow narrow release made more money but the quick wide release seems like it’s made more.

        The Great leveller in the game of course is the fact that the upper end of Bollywood is aware that it isn’t making nearly enough. All through the BB2 promotions and even post success, KJo kept emphasising that bollywood needs to change. The promotion for the film too was very muted compared to what bollywood usually does.


        • Makes total sense. What I am seeing more and more in the industry is that the business people are running things instead of the creatives and they are running it into the ground. As I keep arguing over and over, it is the creative run studios that are doing the best and on the cutting edge, Dharma and Yash Raj and Excel. So you’ve got people at the top like Karan Johar, and people at the bottom making those tiny films, but constantly shoving their way into the middle are all the degree types who are just adding on expenses and pointless practices and so on, without adding actual content. Or profit, since they cost more than they make.

          On Sun, Aug 27, 2017 at 1:21 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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