Happy Birthday Ileana D’Cruz!!! A Dozen Reasons I Love You

An actress who just a few years ago I wouldn’t have cared about, but somehow just recently she has become worthy of a birthday post.  She really is the best part of a surprisingly large number of films!

1.1. I love you because you grew up in Goa, and yet spent most of your career in Telugu films, a lovely example of cross-cultural openness.

2. I love you because by 4 years into your career, you were already getting critical praise for being the clear “senior” actor opposite your heroes.

3. I love you because you broke through to the Hindi industry in 2012, and took the leap fully, stopping your Telugu work after that.

4. I love you because Pokkiri was only your second film, and yet your heroine was strong and an equal match for the hero.


5. I love you because you suffered through a very slight heroine role in Munna.


6. I love you because you were in one of my all time favorite songs, “Mere Rang Sharbaton Ke”.  So pretty!


7.  I love you because you have a young face, but a mature aspect, convincingly playing the “adult” in your romances.

8. I love you because you took on a variety of roles in Hindi film, beginning with something artsy, moving on to mainstream comedy, and slowly climbing through the ranks until you achieved strong leading heroine roles, not just eye candy.

9. I love you because I am excited to see what you do next!  Who would have thought that the heroine from Main Tera Hero would move on to be the leading lady in a critically acclaimed Akshay Kumar film just a few years later?

10. I love you because Main Tera Hero is surprisingly fun!


11.  I love you because you were surprisingly the best part of Rustom.

12.  I love you because you were unsurprisingly the best part of Mubarakan!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ileana D’Cruz!!! A Dozen Reasons I Love You

  1. I really like Illeana since she’s one of those actresses that can pull off fiesty roles really well. She was amazing in the original Telugu version of Kick. But at the same time she can play the cute, nerdy characters like she did in movies like Jalsa and Julayi. Here’s one of my favorite scenes from Kick (it even has subtitles 🙂 )

    Fun fact: Illeana is one of the two actresses that has worked with both Mahesh and Varun 🙂

    “4. I love you because Pokkiri was only your second film, and yet your heroine was strong and an equal match for the hero.”
    The link to Pokkiri here goes to Pokkiri Raja, a Rajinikanth movie, instead of going to Pokiri.


    • Oops, will fix link! And glad at least one person is as happy as I am for Ileana.

      On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 10:00 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Barfi was the first movie in which I saw her…and I was mighty impressed…so much that I googled her.
        I had watched Barfi because of Priyanka. I had read that ShahRukh had helped her to train for the role of the autistic girl she would have to play.
        It was also the first time I saw Ranbir as an actor and it had been my first Anurag Basu movie.
        What I’ve watched made me curious to see more of Ranbir, Ileana and Anurag 🙂


        • Barfi was supposed to be this story where two people who don’t really fit in this world find each other. But I didn’t care for any of that. I just wanted Ileana to be happy. I was so glad she could find peace on her own terms. That’s all I’ll say with out spoiling much.
          That goes with my belief that Ileana is a capable actress who can make her presence felt even in what are supposed to be secondary roles.


          • That was certainly my experience watching her in Mubarakan. Much more presence than the other heroine, and even than the “hero” Arjun Kapoor.


  2. I’m fond of Ileana too. (I think it’s the pointy nose :P) She did get a lot hate in her initial Telugu career for playing skimpy clothed glam doll too often. (As if there were any better roles in TFI)
    She has a surprisingly good range. She was the best part of Jalsa for me, that is something considering it has some pretty credible names. Pavan Kalyan, Prakash Raj, Trivikram (writing and directing), DSP (music). Prakash Raj and DSP we good as usual. Nothing else properly gelled for me. But Ileana though, she was consistently funny. This and Kick (like Niki said) are two films where the heroine isn’t required to do much, but Ileana somehow manages to shine through.


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