Happy Birthday to a Regular Commentator!!!!

You, anonymous person, mentioned your birthday kind of sideways in a comment a month ago, and I immediately figured out when it was and leaped over here to write this post.  Ha-ha!  You thought you could escape me, but I have followed your trail of clues!  And now I get to give you nice things.  Oh, and if I am slightly off, sorry, and you can just save this for your actual birthday!  Or take it as a late present.  And if you are no longer regularly reading/commenting on the blog by now, oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

Nice things:


More nice things:


Another nice thing.  Well, “nice”:


A nice thing that, at least now in the past, I have not yet shared with you:


Another nice thing that, at least in “the past”, you have not yet enjoyed:


Different kind of nice things:

Image result for nivin pauly gif




Another of this kind of nice thing:

Image result for nivin pauly gif




Slightly different:

Image result for dulquer gif



And another like that (really hope these are still active in a month!):

Image result for dulquer gif




Slightly different:

Image result for prithviraj aiyyaa gif




Slightly classier (sorry, don’t know the movie!):

Image result for prithviraj gif




And less classy:

Image result for prithviraj aiyyaa gif





And finally, the Baap ki Images, from your fellow Scorpio:




Oh, and since this is a celebration:


24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to a Regular Commentator!!!!

  1. Omg!!!! Aren’t you the sweetest thing ever!!!! Thank you thank you thank you, darling.. Friend pointed this out to me and claimed it was definitely for me since it featured plenty of naked Prithviraj and Nivin Pauly’s beard!!! Best birthday gift ever!!! Thank you so much darling!! 😘 😘 😘

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  2. So my birthday consisted of working a hell lot (seems like diwali never ended actually) but I made up for it with a whole bottle of scotch! Celebrated at home. Mom passed out drunk! Me and beau flew a few paper lanterns leftover from our diwali celebrations and I chose Angoor for my birthday film. We went to watch Golmal Returns for beau’s birthday day before yesterday and he fell asleep halfway through the first half! But the tickets were SUPER cheap! Just a 100 bucks a pop plus coupons for Pepsi and a small size popcorn serving (they didn’t let us swap the Pepsi for coffee though)

    Now, birthdays, diwali and tax audits are DONE! I can finally go back and read all the fun SRK birthday month posts now! Were you guys as bad as I expected you to be?? 😉


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