I’m Leaving! On a Jet Plane!

I’m visiting my sister this weekend, leaving this afternoon.  Which either means I will be posting less, or more.  Because sometimes I get really bored waiting around for other people to be ready to do things.

I’m working this morning and then my Mom is coming to pick me up and drive me to the airport.  It is very very nice living in the same city as my parents, I always have an airport ride available!

(In a car, not on the back of her scooter, but it’s still the same idea.)

And then I get to the airport 2 hours early, as always.  Because I get nervous about missing things and always get to the airport/train station/bus station super super early.

(I am always this panicky, but it’s not about missing Shahrukh, just my train.  And I’m never this late, I’m more like 2 hours early and still panicky)

And then I will get on the plane and be even more stressed.  I do not like flying.  I’m not afraid of it or anything, I am just very tall and I hate being all smooshed into the tiny seats.  And I have sensitive ears and I hate suffering through the pressure changes.  So to distract myself, I will imagine Amrita Rao dancing around the aisles.


And then I get off the plane and still have to travel, because my sister doesn’t care enough to drive 2 hours to the airport and then two hours back with me and so I have to take the bus.  Like an ORPHAN!  Oh well, maybe Salman will show up driving alongside and entertain me.


And then, finally, I get off the bus and get picked up and taken home.  Where I have been promised, this time, the guest bed will already be made up.  And my clothes will be laid out.  Because the best part about having a sister is you never need to pack clothes when you visit.  Just DVDs (I’m bringing 5).

(I know they aren’t really sisters, but they are LIKE sisters.  See how they share clothes?)


20 thoughts on “I’m Leaving! On a Jet Plane!

    • Let’s see, what are the DVDs? I am on the bus now, last leg of the journey, so I can’t dig them out of the suitcase, but I think it was Annmariya Rasoolum (Annmariya is angry), Action Hero Biju, Ormayundo Ee Mukham, An Evening in Paris, and something else I can’t remember. So, all the stuff you can’t get streaming. The absolute must watch you CAN get streaming, A Gentleman, so that’s not packed.

      On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 4:30 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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        • Just watched it with my friend Dina on Wednesday, her conclusion was both that it might be her new favorite Nivin, and that Nivin’s new bulk was more than just muscle (blasphemy!). Oh, and we were both super jealous of his fiance who got to marry the greatest husband ever. Not Nivin himself, but his character in that film, all wise and brave and with a sense of humor.

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          • And, even better, always always always picks up the phone and chats when his fiancee calls! And then takes a day off to hold hands with her and go to art galleries!


          • Why aren’t his films dubbed in hindi? Biju at least is super amazing and lightweight. Although plot wise, it felt more like the pilot episode of a cop series than a film.


          • That was the other thing Dina and I talked about! We would totally watch an annual 6 episode series following Biju. We weren’t done with that character by the time the film ended!

            I will let him not be dubbed into Hindi for now. I like him cuddly, and I worry that if he broke through to Hindi, he would have to get all hard and emaciated like the Hindi actors. Tamil is okay, he and Madhavan can hang out.

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          • Oh no! Just dubbed films.. Because malayalam is spoken swifter than hindi and sometimes the subs just flash by. Mom and beau found it harder to follow the subs and the scene at the same time. Prithviraj films (the flashy action ones) are already out there in hindi. Nivin can dub himself. I think I’d rather have dubbed films with southern accents than northern language and accents on southern films! I was skipping through channels the other day and found Dashavtar where Kamal Hasan had dubbed himself. The voice, the accent both matched the context!


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