Happy Blog-a-versary to Me!!!!

Today is officially 2 years since I started blogging!  YAAAAAAAY!!!!  Congrats to me for having maintained and updated the site so long, and congrats to all of you for reading and commenting and making it such a wonderful place and such a fun experience for me.

First, and most importantly:


Second, how are we going to celebrate?

I thought it might be nice to put up some posts over the course of the day giving you an idea of the sort of “behind the scenes” of the blog, why some things happen, and other things don’t happen, and what goes into putting this whole thing together.  Just to give you a taste of what I mean, did you know I can pre-schedule posts?  This post comes to you from a month ago, when I suddenly went “hey! My blog-a-versary is coming up, I should mark that somehow!”

Stay tuned through out the day for more posts giving you a special tour of the process by which the hot dogs are made, as it were.


25 thoughts on “Happy Blog-a-versary to Me!!!!

  1. Yeah! I thought about your anniversary when I started to read your entries posteroanterior whenever I had the time to do so.
    I think some of your friends persuaded you to show your writing skills on a blog and – if I remember rightly – you started with a TV series and a murder story happened at that time in India.

    I send you a happy birthday and a thank you with a song the kids like very much:

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  2. Happy anniversary.Your blog has prompted me to give a second glance to movies which I’d have originally dismissed.You certainly find something positive to write about every movie.Though I do love the occasional one lambasting the movie.Bajirao Mastani comes to mind.The handmaiden’s perspective was priceless.

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    • Welcome back! there isn’t much to catch up on, besides some Padmavati stuff and a post of Christmas fanvids.

      On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 5:30 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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