New Tiger Zinda Hai Teaser! Doggies!

New teaser!  Which adds almost nothing to what we already knew.  But hey, it’s a week to the release, they could release anything at this point and we would all talk about it.

Well, technically not “doggies” but rather “wolfies!”  But they are awfully cute.  And then Salman kills them.  Odd, because he is such a dog person.

Image result for salman dog

I am not against killing wild attacking wolves in self defense, but I am sincerely surprised that they went there.  I know it is CGI, surprisingly good CGI (I wonder who did it?), but it’s still rooting for someone to kill animals, which doesn’t always go over well with the Indian audience.


On the other hand, it is really cool seeing Salman face off against a pack of wolves.  I wonder if there will be some kind of plot justification, or if it’s just something his character does for fun?


9 thoughts on “New Tiger Zinda Hai Teaser! Doggies!

  1. `
    Maybe he doesn’t kill the wolves. Maybe he just beats them up and scares them off. The teaser doesn’t actually show any animal getting killed. (Kind of like the Beauty and the Beast scene.)


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