Christmas Giveaway, Week 7!

Only one week to Christmas, GAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!  I still haven’t done my mailing, and I still don’t have really good-good presents for everyone I should have good-good presents for.  But whatever, I was sick, they have to forgive me.

Every week whoever makes the most comments gets a Christmas card from me!  And if they have already gotten a card, then I move on to the next person and the next and so on.  And now that we are in week 7, we are getting pretty car down the line of winners.  But the cards are still excellent.

Last week, Alisa got this card, which is I think my cutest card.  Fun game, if you could only take one baby home from the baby store, which one of these babies would you take?  I am leaning towards fat little Tiamur.  I firmly believe that fat babies are the best babies.


And then on the backside, other fun game!  Can you identify these babies?



And this week’s winner is………. Niviblog  !  I can’t promise that she will get a card as cute as this one, but it will be wonderful in its own way.  And Nivi, all you need to do to collect is fill in your information in the form below.


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