Post-Holidays Crash Cheer Up Post!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am very very happy to be in 2018.  It sounds like a nice solid kind of year.  However, I am also in the middle of the post-holiday blahs.  So I thought I would cheer myself up with a nice post, and cheer you up too if you need it!

My last holiday relative has left, with one final lovely night of family fun (we played charades!).  Last night I got home around 11 and my Christmas decorations suddenly looked just sort of confused and messy instead of joyous.  I overslept and didn’t even have time to brush my hair this morning, meaning I also look sort of confused and messy instead of joyous.  And it’s chilly and overcast and I’ve played with all my new toys already and generally I just want to lay on the floor and writhe in misery and agony and whining like I used to do this time of year when I was 5.

But I am not 5!  I am an adult, which means I know the mature thing is not to whine, but to cheer yourself up.  So I went for a walk outside over lunch hour, I’m going to remember to take Vitamin D supplements with dinner, I got a couple more romance novels and Murder She Wrote DVDs at the library, and tonight when I get home, I might write my Sunday Fanfic early as a special treat.  And now I am going to do an entire post of cheerful happy things that make me cheerful and happy.

First, Karan’s promo video for season 4 (I think) of Koffee With Karan!  He is so happy, and it makes me so happy!


Next, Manam!  The whole movie, but especially this song.  I just love it when Nagarjuna is smiles.


Along those same lines, the happy ending song of Ohm Shaanthi Oshaana.

Salman playing with Ahil


This video of babies that Shahrukh re-tweeted years ago and has given me hours of joy since then.


This amazing Shahrukh fan video, still my favorite fan video.


This slashfic/fanvid (throwing in a little Star Wars just to keep you on your toes!)


Taimur crying.  I don’t know why!  But his sad face is just hilarious to me.  And judging by Kareena’s smile, she feels the same way.

Image result for taimur ali khan


This photo of Aamir Khan.  Always!  It’s just so perfectly ridiculous.

Related image


There is a certain kind of song that seems to be designed to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder.  No meaning to it, just crazy joyous spectacle.  Like “Dhoom Tana”.


Or “Tu Meri”


Or “Naina Main Sapna”


Or, while I am thinking of these things, “Oo La La”!

Also, of course, the evergreen cure for winter blues-SHAMMI!!!!!!  Both in the original version:


And the later day imitations from Shahid Kapoor:


To his nephew Ranbir


And just to end with the guaranteed can’t-help-but-smile-when-you-see-it song, the absolute limit in ridiculous pointless happiness:



What are your happymaking songs?  Or pictures or videos or whole movies?  Let’s turn this from a place of “I’m sick, I’m depressed, work is horrible” to a place of “Happy Happy Happy!!!!!” and start this year off right!

Or, you can just continue to feel determinedly sullen and miserable like Aryan in this picture (always makes me laugh!  Teenage boys are such pills and I don’t have to live with one or be one, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

Related image




15 thoughts on “Post-Holidays Crash Cheer Up Post!!!!

  1. It’s so cold here. Brrr. Am down with a cold and cough while it’s freeeeeezing outside. I’m going to venture out to see a doctor, sounds like perfect hell. Wait, there’s a snow storm on the way. Yay.
    Two things cheered me up instantly, Aryaan’s Perfectly sullen face in the pic. Revisited the Om Shanthi Oshana song. Ah such a perfect subtle twist in the end. Also two people riding a bike without gimmicks but posing with chemistry truly warms my heart.


    • I am just so happy, almost every day, that I am not a teenage boy. They seem to live lives of confusion and misery briefly pierced by total panic.

      Oh! And the other thing that is making me grumpy! I want to complain about the cold snowy weather in Chicago, but I can’t because I know the North east is about to have way way worse cold and snow. Even the little joy of self-pity is taken from me!

      But, again, at least I am not a teenage boy. Or living with one. Notice how the whole rest of the family is trying not to even stand next to him and therefore avoid the waves of misery floating off of him?

      On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 2:11 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. The many family pics we have seen with Aryan clearly unhappy to be photographed are indeed very funny. They just prove that you may be able to control everything on film, make yourself short, tall, young, old, able to fly or leap from train carriage to train carriage, but you can’t control a teenager’s mood. It must be so tough for kids growing up with a superstar for a father.


    • Not in a sad way! This isn’t a sad post! I just find it really funny to see Kareena trying to jolly up Taimur and he is persistently not going to be jollied.


  3. That Amir Khan picture is so hilarious! Instantly cheered me up, thanks for that!

    My go to song when I’m in the need for some cheer is Shahrukh’s Dagariya Chalo from Chalte Chalte. Rani and him are so magical and contagiously happy in the song that it feels like it’s all unicorns and rainbows.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooo, that’s a good one! They are happy and it makes me happy, plus it’s all sunshine and growing things and fields and stuff.


  4. Seeing that still of Samantha and Nagarjuna from Manam, I just realized there was a whole ‘nother level to the “family film” aspect there that we weren’t even aware of at the time.

    (I’m talking of the fact that Samantha is now part of the family, and was probably very much on the way of being a part of it even when this film was in production, and that all the other Akkineni’s were probably aware of that, even if the audience wasn’t.)

    There are so many photos of Taimur smiling and being happy, I don’t know why it makes you “happy” to see one of him crying. It always hurts me to see a baby or child crying. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Similarly about Aryan glowering in photos. Let the poor kid be, is my reaction.

    I don’t have anything to post to add to the happy quotient. So I’ll just refer to your post on Taimur’s first birthday party. That’s pretty happy making for me. 🙂


  5. Lodi from Veer Zaara always cheers me up. So much charm and silliness in one song (while also touching on some real problems between men and women). Things that make me especially happy are that Big B gets the much better outfit–poor Shah Rukh is relegated to pastels!–and the choreography which randomly throws in 1940’s Fred and Ginger moves along with the Punjabi stuff. Makes me smile every time.

    I think what is funny about Taimur’s and Aryan’s facial expressions in these photos is the DRAMA of it all. Neither looks genuinely distressed to me. Kids can be hella dramatic.


    • Yes! That’s it! My favorite is when really little kids make a huge dramatic to-do over falling down, and then get distracted and forget they are supposed to be crying.

      On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 6:02 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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