Aamir Khan Film Index

I feel kind of bad, being so late with this after even Hrithik got his own, but at least Aamir has a decent number of in depth reviews to go on his list.  Including two separate reviews of Rang De!

Andaz Apna Apna


Dil Chahta Hai

Dil Dhadakne Do


Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti (second review)

Secret Superstar


10 thoughts on “Aamir Khan Film Index

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  2. I find lack of references to lagaan on your blog quite mysterious. According to me it’s among top 5 all time bollywood movies alongside sholay, mughal e azam, mr. India and ddlj/hahk. Can’t differentiate between last 2.


    • I actually wrote a couple papers on Lagaan, and presented at a few conferences, so I’ve thought a lot about it! And it is mentioned in this blog, just only in certain places. Oh, and it is also the first Indian film I ever saw, so it’s important for me personally as well.

      Let me start big picture. Generally speaking, media studies looks at 3 areas, industry (meaning the people who make the media), audience reception, and text. In terms of audience reception, Lagaan just wasn’t that impactful. It’s India numbers were nothing compared to Gadar and it’s international numbers were nothing compared to K3G. It did make a difference in terms of opening Indian film up to a new audience, the film festival types. And I have mentioned it in that context. But Devdas had as much or more impact, and Bhansali has had a more successful and influential career since, so I tend to bring up Devdas more often.

      In terms of text, Lagaan is just not that influential. Not saying the actual content of the film is bad, but it had little effect on later films because it was so unique and hard to imitate. It’s the same reason I tend to talk about DDLJ more than HAHK. DDLJ had a formula that was easily replicated and started a trend of many many other similar films. HAHK was special, it was something only Rajshri and Sooraj Barjatya could create, and so it didn’t really change things for the vast majority of the film content after it. Lagaan in the same way didn’t start off a series of historical epics in the colonial period set in villages, it was just itself. So I don’t find myself referring back to it often when talking about the films of the early 2000s or the artistic shifts in the industry or anything like that.

      In terms of the industry as a whole, THAT is where it was hugely important and I do mention it quite a bit. Aamir was the first star to launch his own banner, because of Lagaan. Lagaan inspired him to look towards more high quality soft message films that would play well overseas, leading to 3 Idiots and PK and all the other massive global hits, and also Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, a whole variety of non-Aamir films that followed a similar loose concept of high production, global release, and focus on getting in the “intellectuals”.

      But if we are looking at films you absolutely must discuss and understand in order follow the big trends of the industry, Dil Chahta Hai for instance would hit all 3 of those factors. It wasn’t a major hit in India, but it changed the audience dynamics by bringing in the “multiplex” crowd in a big way. Big big industrial changes, led to the founding of Excel Entertainment which is one of the most important “banners” today. And most of all, very important textual changes, lots and lots of elements that showed up again in almost every single film after it.

      Anyway, that was a very long response, and of course you don’t have to agree with it, but that’s why Lagaan may not pop up as much, I am more likely to refer to Devdas or Rang De Basanti or something else as an example when I might be able to use Lagaan. I will review it someday, I am sure, just haven’t got around to it yet.


  3. Thanks for the response. I agree that its a unique movie not at all comparable to any other movie. But one cannot deny its importance, it combined 2 of India’s most important things cricket and movie and showed that this kind of movie can succeed.

    I am not even bringing Oscars into the picture. That’s another taboo broken, but as Indian movies could not capitalise on it, lagaan got termed as a fluke. But the movie,music, acting etc were path breaking.


  4. In a cnn list celebrating 100 years of Indian movie it topped along with sholay, so you can imagine the impact it has had on people.

    I agree it can’t be compared with other movies, as its once a generation movie but that does not mean we downplay it.

    Sorry for the rant but I feel quite a lot for the movie, but was surprised seeing it not coming in any list by you or your readers.


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