Sridevi Update: Everyone Pulls Together

This is the second part of the story that always happens.  After the twitter messages, the personal visits start, and the stories of people comforting or helping directly.  And then tomorrow (probably) will be the final story, the funeral and wake.  At which we will see what public statements are made by who attends and how.  Well, not quite the final story.  It doesn’t end with the funeral.  These bonds we are seeing now aren’t just for show, they will be followed up by serious commitments and lifelong support in Sridevi’s memory for the people she left behind.

More logistical details of Sridevi’s death and her family are beginning to come out and they are, frankly, heartbreaking!

The whole family had come together for this wedding in Dubai, and then scattered back to their various filming responsibilities.  The Kapoors are an extremely hardworking family, a virtue which turned into a curse in this case.  Almost no one was actually in Bombay.  No one except for 21 year old Jhanvi, who had conscientiously skipped the Dubai celebrations in order to work on her debut film.

While Jhanvi heard the news of her mother alone in Bombay, her father and sister were in Dubai.  Her uncle Anil and cousin Sonam were shooting for their film in Chandigarh, and her brother Arjun was in Amritsar.  Jhanvi was alone in the family apartment.  Can you imagine?  Getting a call in the middle of the night that your mother has died, your father will not be home for days, and you are all alone in the home that used to be shared with your family?

So, Jhanvi did what I think we would all wish we could do in dark and lonely times, she called Karan Johar!  And Karan immediately went to her and helped her leave the house and go to her uncle Anil Kapoor’s house where (presumably) her aunt Sunita was at least at home.  Karan has been there ever since, and called over Manish Malhotra to join him in keeping vigil.

manish malhotra karan johar ndtv

Always seen visiting, along with Neelam Aseem (mother of Janhvi’s co-star in her first film) were choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant, and Rani Mukherjee, and Rekha.  It’s an interesting combination of people.  Vaibhavi I assume is someone who has a real connection with the family.  Because there is no obvious reason for her to be there, no film they are working on together or anything like that, but at the same time she has been working in the industry for so long and in such a variety of ways, I could easily believe that she formed a bond with either Jhanvi or Sridevi in some way.


Rani Mukherjee felt like someone who was there partly as her own person and partly as a representative.  The Chopra family has a long connection to the Kapoors and Sridevi, and Yash Raj is the leading studio.  Rani had to make an appearance right away to let them know that her family, and her studio, would be standing by.

rani mukerji ndtv


And then there’s Rekha.  Who (so far as I know) never acted with Sridevi.  But they shared a unique bond of experience.  Both from the south, both came to Hindi films and became superstars.  Both came to have very private lives in recent years.  Rekha isn’t someone who usually makes these visits of condolences, but I can see why in this case she wanted to make an exception.


And finally, Arjun Kapoor.  The biggest question mark in all this.  He was one of the first of the family to arrive and went directly to Anil Kapoor’s house to see his sister.  So Jhanvi is now with Karan Johar, Manish Malhotra, her brother, her aunt, and various other family members.  Anil Kapoor and Sonam landed after Arjun (I believe) and went directly to her, while Sanjay Kapoor flew back to Dubai to help his brother Boney with the logistics of bringing Sridevi back home.

Meanwhile, in Dubai, there was an issue in getting the body released from autopsy so it could be flown home.  This is what has delayed Boney and Khushi from returning.  In order to better facilitate travel once it is released, Anil Ambani has sent his private jet to whisk them back to Bombay immediately.  Anil’s wife Tina Ambani, back when she was an actress, was friendly with Sridevi and they are now bound by marriage, the family wedding in Dubai was between Tina’s niece and Boney’s nephew.


And so, as sometimes happens, this tragedy comes with the blessing of confirming and strengthening existing ties and building new ones.  Karan Johar, it is clear, will from now on be a 3rd parent for Jhanvi just as he is for Alia Bhatt.  You don’t stay with a girl for 24 hours while she grieves her mother without forming the kind of bond that never ends.  Rani Mukherjee, Vaibhavi Merchant, Rekha, Neelam Aseem, they all bring a promise that Janhvi will have a variety of supporters big and small in the industry in her future life.  And Arjun Kapoor, who said of his relationship with her “We don’t really meet and spend time together, so it doesn’t really exist” is there too.  Clearly a relationship does exist, at least now.


None of these relationships, of course, will replace the mother Jhanvi and Khushi have lost.  But it is always nice to know that there are people out there who love you.


15 thoughts on “Sridevi Update: Everyone Pulls Together

  1. I hope this incident will lead to Arjun moving past his grief and anger over what happened to his mother and finally form a bond with his sisters. All the kids have gone through the worst kind of pain losing their mothers too early in life.


    • I agree. These girls will need their family in a way they never have before. When Arjun lost his mother, it seemed as though his uncles and grandparents were there with him to help fill that void, even his cousin Sonam. I hope we see the same thing happen for Khushi and Jhanvi.


    • And he seems to be kind without taking advantage in anyway. He is in a uniquely powerful position right now, producer and trusted friend without her mother on the other side to consult and give an alternative view. But I trust that he will do the best he can, as he sees it, to help Jhanvi personally and professionally. I imagine that even if she asked for him to stop filming and let her out of the picture, he would. But I also doubt she will ask that, since the Kapoors are so serious about fulfilling their responsibilities.

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  2. Rekha dubbed for Sridevi extensively when she was launched in hindi films.

    The rest of it isn’t unexpected. That’s how it happens. Jhanvi was taken to her uncle’s because the body couldn’t haven’t been brought back to the apartment for last rites since there’d be so many people attending.

    Even when the mortal remains of a person aren’t present yet (they’re supposed to be taken to an ancestral home, or in the case of a married woman wherever her sasural would be barring serious logistical obstructions), mourners are supposed to gather at the place the rites would be conducted at. Once you arrive, you don’t generally leave till the body is taken away for cremation. If you’re a close friend you can stay with the family till the first pooja that’s held on the fourth day or upto the 13th day pooja. The etiquette is pretty much the same all through India but rites may differ.

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    • That’s interesting. Early reports (which I am sure you saw as well) sound like there will be a viewing of the body, then the last rites, and then a prayer service. But everything is on hold until she arrives in Bombay.

      Is it usual to have a viewing? I feel like I haven’t heard about that as much when following other funeral stories. But in real life I know I have been to funeral events where there was a conscious decision to have a viewing partly because the death was so sudden. It lets you better understand what has happened. If that is the case here, it makes sense.

      On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 9:23 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. There are the perils of being the daughter of someone famous and inevitably Janhavi Kapoor has been thrust into the spotlight in this hour of grief. But from everything, Arjun Kapoor has my highest respect. He has put his personal hatred for Sridevi away to be with his father and his children at this time. Sadly I feel for Janhavi and Khushi because for all this outpouring from the film fraternity, the fact that a seemingly healthy parent went away without them being able to prepare for it, will haunt them forever. Strength to them.

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