Adopt My Adorable Temporary Dog!

Not related to anything else I blog about, I’ve been talking a lot about the dog I am fostering.  She is adorable, great in an apartment, perfect in every way.  Just, not the perfect dog for me.  And I want her to go to a home where she will be perfect and loved, instead of just tolerated.

Here is the link to fill out an adoption application (say you are interested in “Izzy”):

Here is her official profile:

Here she is adorably sleeping on the couch, which is how she spends 60% of her time.


Still sleeping, with her little ears perked up in case I need something.



Eating peanut butter, which she loves and looks hilarious while eating.


Perking up when she hears my voice with her miss-matched ears.


My favorite game to play with her, throwing her favorite blanket on top of her and seeping if she can wriggle her way out.



And being all perky and protective while on a walk.  Such a vicious dog!  Scourge of all burglars with her tiny 20 Lb body!



If you like what you see, here is the profile again:


And here is the application direct link (mention “Izzy”):


15 thoughts on “Adopt My Adorable Temporary Dog!

  1. aww she is so cute .if i was right now in US i would’ve definitely adopted her.Don’t worry she’l get adopted by someone caring.


    • That’s the hope! the problem is, she is very dog aggressive and so can’t live at the shelter with the other dogs. Which means she can’t win someone’s heart on an impulsive walk in. So I have to get someone to fall in love with her on the internet and request a meeting. Sounds like it worked for all of you, hopefully some in the Chicago area sees the post and falls in love too!


      • well she looks healthy.Maybe you should take her to meet other dogs …you know to let her play with them.Get her more comfortable with other animals..even other people.I’m getting a feeling she never got the chance to mingle with other animals or people before the shelter.Oh why don’t you upload videos(good shots with no know what i mean) of your dog on youtube.Give the links in the description box and just upload her playing or sleeping or eating.Maybe that’l work.


        • So far she is so aggressive that it seems possibly dangerous for her to get close to another dog. Very tricky. Maybe if she had been in the shelter all along, even when she was weak and scared, she would have been forced to acclimate. But now it is too late.

          Getting to know her, and seeing how she acts, my guess for her past life would be that she lived in the country with humans and cats (she seems very catlike in a lot of ways), but she was used to seeing everyone not in her “pack” as a threat. The dogs we’ve had before in the city had a nice clear sense of threatening and non-threatening behavior, any dog of human who entered the boundaries of our yard was a threat, but otherwise they would be ignored. She seems to just assume anyone she meets that she doesn’t know already is a threat, the whole world is her territory. Very strange in this tiny tiny dog.

          And yes, the youtube thing is a good idea! If I get a chance I will try to take a better video. If nothing else she is a lot more healthy now and a lot cuter when she plays than she is in these older videos.

          On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 12:39 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • oh she definitely looks healthy.Maybe she was attacked by other stray dogs before she reached the shelter.Her living with cats could also be the reason.But try to make her meet other dogs she can’t be aggressive all the time that’s not good .What if the people who do adopt her decide to adopt another dog?Maybe you should get some professional advice.Oh and do try to upload videos of her on Youtube .But i would suggest to do that after she gets a little less agressive and more comfortable with other dogs.It will only do her good.


    • I guess anywhere? You have to come to the shelter and fill out the application to take her home, but I don’t there are any geographical restrictions so long as you come in person to pick her up. Or, you could just lie on the application.

      On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 7:16 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Ooo, she does NOT do well with other dogs. Although I suspect she would do great with a cat. One of my friends pointed out that she plays like a cat and was probably raised with them, and it is so true. Lots of rolling on her back and batting at a toy, lots of hunt and chase, and so on.

      On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 10:35 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. That is one adorable dog. Female dogs do tend to be more aggressive/protective than males. Our last beagle was a bowl-of-mush submissive male. We fostered him unsuccessfully for several months, taking him to adoption events every weekend. People would pat him, say how sweet he was and then say they were looking for a female because they were “less aggressive”. LOL. Only a stuffed toy dog would be less aggressive than our sweet Cunningham.

    A post shared by Jo Paoletti (@jbpaoletti) on Jan 7, 2018 at 7:12pm PST



    • It’s so frustrating, because I know as soon as she meets a potential adopter, she will be snapped up in a moment, she has lots of personality and lots of charm. The problem is getting her to meet an adopter in a non-doggy environment. Normally she would be back at the shelter now and hundreds of walk ins would see her every day. But instead, she has to wait for someone to schedule an appointment to meet her. And I have to wait too, it’s beginning to seriously disrupt my life as she gets healthier and healthier and wants more and more attention. Today, for instance, I’m going to have to choose between blogging and buying groceries, because all other time is taken up by fending off doggy wackiness.

      On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 8:56 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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