Venting Post: You Ever Had a Week Where Everything Went Wrong?

Gaaaaah!  The 3rd or 4th or 5th or 200th small thing just went wrong for me this week.  I hate that!  When everything is just slightly off and then doesn’t work.  So you get to listen to me vent because that will make me feel better.  And also explain why there have been so many reruns this week, because I’ve been wasting my time on other stuff that ended up being pointless.

Where shall I start?  Well, last Wednesday I was supposed to have a rehearsal for my church service that I am giving today, I went all the way down to church after work (not a small thing, it’s 40 minutes both ways so that kind of kills the whole evening), after first rushing home to walk the Dang Dog, only to discover that the technology I needed to test out, the main reason for this rehearsal, had not been set up.  So we did a half rehearsal, but I knew I had to come back again for another hour and 20 minute time waste just to test that.


(Dang Dog.  She will be a recurring theme)


Last Thursday my friend who is going to India this week finally got around to asking if I wanted something.  And, as always with India stuff, I wanted one incredibly specific and rare item and would prefer to purchase it through an Indian website and have it shipped to her in India rather than trust her to get it.  She gave me the address where she would be staying, I got halfway through the purchase and realized the address wasn’t a mailing address just a street address, but I couldn’t cancel the order either.

Image result for parveen babi sling bag

(This is the thing I want.  To replace my Hema Malini version which I have worn down to nothing.  It’s not a rare item, it’s just impossible to get from a website that will ship to America.)


On Friday, I was going to leave work early so I could catch the early show of Raid instead of needing to be up super late, only one of my co-workers had a family emergency, so I couldn’t and was up late anyway, followed by getting up early in the morning to go see a trainer about the Dang Dog as requested by the shelter.  Which resulted in the trainer giving me a bunch of tips as though I am going to train this thing into being better, instead of just wanting to get rid of it.

(I am the Ramante Edanthottam heroine.  The Dang Dog is the husband drinking in a corner who won’t even let her be herself.  Why train and adjust?  You will never be truly happy, just separate)


On Sunday I went to teach Sunday school and learned that my co-teacher hadn’t shown, I was able to talk someone else into volunteering to just sit there and be an extra person, lead the whole lesson on my own, and then went home to discover an email from the RE director, not thanking me for pulling this off, but ticking me off for not taking attendance.

(How many kids were there?  A LOT!  There were A LOT!!!!  And I educated them and inspired them and kept them happy all by myself)


On Monday I had to do the make-up tech rehearsal, which meant rushing straight from work to church and then back home, which meant Dog was even crazier and needier than usual once I finally got home.

(I can see why Anushka tried to get away.  This kind of love is sufficating and kind of selfish)


On Tuesday, we had an election here and the really exciting promising candidate lost because the rich bozo with a lot of money managed to convince people to believe campaign ads instead of every legitimate source which all recommended the promising candidate.

(No, Yuva, sometimes being clearly the honest exciting promising candidate DOESN’T do anything, not when the election funding laws have been gutted to such an extent that you can, legally, buy an election)


On Wednesday I finally got a real Indian address and was able to complete the order, only to get a notice that my payment had already been processed, and it would be arriving 2 days after my friend left India.

(Same reason it took me a long time to watch Daddy.  People NEVER believe me when I tell them that they need to give me their mailing address, not just ask for a list, because the thing I want will not be available in stores and I will need to order it online in advance.  First time I wanted Daddy, they said “oh no, I can get it in my local DVD store, just give me the title” and of course they couldn’t; second time they said “oh, shipping should be easy, I’ll give you the address last minute”, and it was delivered late from the one place in India that still had a copy.  Third time I just checked websites every day until another copy appeared, and then paid $30 in shipping to have it sent to me in the US)


On Thursday I had to finish a really important work thing, but instead I ended up on 3 separate phone calls with costumers who decided they could only talk to me, and then ended up rambling on for over an hour about nothing.

Image result for other end of the line

(I still haven’t seen this movie, but I can tell you that working tech support is much less likely to result in a charming romance, and more likely to result in you needing to be very patient while the person on the other end of the line talks to themselves out loud and solves their own problem, and yet they still felt the need to talk to me, the supervisor, instead of any other staff member who could just as easily have sat there saying “uh-huh” every 2 minutes)


On Friday I got a call that the THIRD adopter had just canceled a meeting with the Dang Dog so I was back in foster limbo.  Have I mentioned that I haven’t slept through the night in two weeks because of the Dang Dog?  She sleeps all day while I am gone and then parties all night while I am home.  She desperately needs a dog walker at least a couple of times a week just to entertain her, and obedience classes to challenge her, but I don’t have the time or money to do that for a foster dog which is why I TOLD THE SHELTER I COULD ONLY DO A MONTH!!!!!

(I was counting down the days at the start, but then it just got too depressing as it went from one month, to a month and a half, to two and a half months and counting.  I’m just so tired)


On Saturday I got a delivery notice for new shoes (a very big deal for me, I buy shoes once every 4-5 years, and I buy really high quality ones so they are super expensive) which were delivered to my office, which is closed on Saturdays.  So now they are in delivery limbo too, just like my India package which is who-knows-where.

(And now without shoes I have no way to punish eve teasing boys)


And my parents wanted to see Raid with me this weekend, but just as we were finalizing plans, the movie theater changed the schedule and now we can’t.

(Raid would have made everything better)


And then this morning I went to church super early to do a final tech check only to discover that the projector has suddenly completely died, meaning I got up at 6:30am today after another night of no sleep in order to get here early for no reason at all, plus the one thing I really wanted for my service isn’t working.  Plus, come to think of it, the whole extra rehearsal on Monday and all the other agony wasn’t worth it either.

(Also, I really will have to do this during the service, because now I’ve got a 5 minute gap to fill.  Maybe I’ll call all the kids up again and take attendance in front of everyone, just so the RE director can see me do it)


Oh, and the coffee place ran out of cream just as I got my order.  That’s the real tragedy.

(Only thing that would have been worse is in Shruti Haasan had been here mangling Hindi and making me listen.  But coffee without cream is pretty bad too)


The funny thing is, my service is about how I use film to make me feel better when I feel down.  So I am going to listen to my own lesson and put in my headphones and watch this video before I leave the coffee shop and go back to church to give the service.

21 thoughts on “Venting Post: You Ever Had a Week Where Everything Went Wrong?

  1. I’m sorry you had a crappy week. But a bright spot: I just saw your mention in The Hindu! With a great picture and everything. Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, that is nice. Sort of. I’m very practical and it had no effect on blog views or book sales (actually down today versus last week), so it doesn’t really make me excited. But maybe someone will adopt the gosh darn dog based on the tip of her nose you can see in the picture!


  2. I’m sorry that your week didn’t go well. I didn’t really have a great week either but that was mostly my own doing. I hope your service goes well!


    • I hope you werk gets better! Now i am worried about you. Although, october song and character looks from sui daaghi (sp?) So it wasnt all bad, right?


      • Don’t worry about me! It was my fault anyway

        October looks too sad/serious too my liking. I’m still gonna see the movie and I’m really curious about the plot but the movie in general looks kinda dull.

        Sui Dhaaga looks good but there’s still a long time for it to come out.

        By the way, did you see the Remo D’Souza dance movie announcement with Varun and Katrina?!?


        • I don’t believe it. I think Remo just makes a new dance movie announcement when he has nothing better to do between lunch and dinner. None of these movies will ever happen, he is just amusing himself with our excitement.

          On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 4:30 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Lol, but Varun actually tweeted about it like an official announcement which is why I think it’s probably happening. Prabhudeva tweeted as well so I’m assuming it’s just supposed to be ABCD 3.


  3. It’s the Mercury retrograde. It comes with miscommunication, general mayhem, plans falling through, tech and machines breaking. It’ll last a month. So far, I have two tax notices, an almost new broken printer that can’t be fixed, an almost new fridge that is working for now but service technician said the next time it died it’ll be dead for good, a delivery van that decided it needed brake pads and brake plates fixed laaaaate in the evening, tonnes of plumbing and electricity work at the new place that I can postpone but it’ll cost me more if it breaks down further. Also, I’m exhausted with hosting guests in the middle of the move. People should have the basic decency of waiting till people are all moved in to show up asking to be entertained, right?

    Also, I got four days of a dust allergy during the move and fever every day since.

    Thinking that it’s just the Mercury retrograde fucking things up is the only thing making me not go crazy. Try it. Tell yourself “it’s just the stupid mercury retrograde”!!!

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    • Yes, I love this! Although it looks like Mercury Retrograde will last until April 25th. So I am going to say it is Mercury Retrograde, but the astrologers are wrong and it started at the beginning of this month (which is when things started going wrong for me).

      Also, that move sounds horrible and I am so sorry. Hopefully the new place is one you love, so at least you get the reward of enjoying it when the move is over.

      On Sun, Mar 25, 2018 at 12:17 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • That could be because of how mercury is placed in your personal chart.

        Yeah, the new place is good. It’s actually not even a new place. It’s my mausi’s house. We lived here for almost two years when we first moved to lucknow from shimla. So many happy memories of the house already!


        • Then that makes it better! And you don’t have to figure out the stuff like where the good store is in the neighborhood and so on, you already know that stuff.

          On Sun, Mar 25, 2018 at 5:59 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Oh we’re less than a kilometer away from where we were and we’ve been going to the same store for groceries ever since we got here. It’s hard to find a lala you can trust. And I do have this thing where I stay loyal to particular stores even when they’re far away! So I have the same chemist, the same cosmetics store, same hair stylist, same salon, same milk booth, same pani puri wala, same juice booth, and even the same select take-out place that I’ve had since I moved to this town!! I had the same problem when I lived in shimla. I just couldn’t shop at stores that weren’t my regular haunts.


          • I love that about moving, finding all the new places around. Although this move was a little odd, since I went to live by the Indian movie stores, I’d been coming to this neighborhood since college off and on, although not living here. So I already had my familiar stores and everything, but they used to be special occasions if I came all the way here stores, and now they are my everyday stores.

            On Sun, Mar 25, 2018 at 6:20 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. hang in there at least you only had a crappy week .I’m having a crappy month.Don’t worry things will finally settle.As for the guy who won because of his money,well that kind of a victory is only temporary only hard work and honesty lasts forever .Hey that is nature’s law.Try listening to relaxing music.Have you tried that on the dog who knows she might like it this might even calm her.You can find some soothing music on Youtube.


    • This is really bad, but I’ve started falling asleep with the TV on in the bedroom so it will drown out the sound of the dog whining. I can switch to music, I don’t know if it will help her, but maybe it will help me!

      And if you are having a bad month, and I am having a bad month, and Asmita is having a bad month, I am going with the Mercury Retrograde theory Asmita suggested so it will all be over soon.

      On Sun, Mar 25, 2018 at 12:54 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • i hope so.. Mercury or not i just hope this annoying delay gets over fast.
        oh and why don’t you let her watch some video about birds and butterflies at night not about dogs(she might end up barking).
        Keep it in a way so that the light of the TV doesn’t affect you so only she ends up watching it and you don’t get disturbed while sleeping.Animals love watching other animals on TV.
        I know this because i had a cat long back and she would watch videos of birds on TV for a really long time.
        I remembered this after watching a video on YouTube.See what works music or TV…well something must work.Let’s hope for the best.


  5. I had 3 horrible weeks. First, I got a really bad stomach infection, then got so weak that I couldn’t leave the bed for a week, and to top it off, a bad cold and tonsillitis which weren’t getting cured even after a week of taking antibiotics. And then I took a small vacation to Delhi and Agra in the weekend , and I’m finally cured. Oh, I also met Parvathy ( Bangalore Days, Take Off) in the airport. She was taking the same flight, and she was really sweet and down to earth. Unlike Bollywood actors, she wasn’t all dolled up and didn’t have any entourage around her. Guess she doesn’t take her stardom seriously at all. Anyway, the point is I’m finally feeling ok after 3 weeks of illness, so hang in there, it’ll get better!!


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