TGIT: Kitten Pictures! Kitten Versions of Indian Movies

Yes, I am this desperate for views.  I hate the weeks when views go down!  Especially because there is no logic to it that I can find.  I just put up a Shahrukh movie review which is almost guaranteed to get comments, and NOTHING (except for you few faithful people who saw the problem and managed to comment, thank you!).  Anyway, internet wisdom says that when Shahrukh fails, turn to cats.  So here I am, turning to these soulless heartless animals (I am a dog person).

Shahrukh and Aish as loving siblings in Josh

Image result for josh shahrukh aishwarya

Played by kittens

Scottie 5

Anushka and Shahrukh in Jab Harry Met Sejal

Image result for jab harry met sejal sleeping

Played by kittens

Princess 1

Shahrukh as Gaurav in Fan

Image result for shahrukh Fan jail

As a kitten

KitKat 1

Kareen in Don

Image result for helen yeh mera dil

Played by a kitten

Tigger 1

Alia in Gully Boy

Image result for alia bhatt burka


Played by Kitten

Ziva 1


Hrithik in Jodha-Akbar

Image result for hrithik jodha akbar

Played by a kitten

Sonny Corinthos 1

Madhuri in Hum Aapke Hain Koun

Image result for Madhuri purple

Played by a kitten


Akshay and a Lion in Singh is Bling

Image result for akshay lion

Played by a kitten and a monkey toy

Ash 1

Divya Bharti with flowers

Image result for divya bharti flower

Played by a kitten

Princess 2


Arjun and Ranveer in Gunday

Image result for gunday arjun ranveer

Played by kittens

Maximillion 3


Shahrukh in Swades

Image result for shahrukh yun hi chala

Played by a kitten

Ingrid 2


Shahrukh in Asoka

Image result for shahrukh asoka cave


Played by a kitten

Tigger 3

And finally, Prabhas in Bahubali

Image result for prabhas dhivara

As played by a kitten

Image result for wet kitten



Is this what you wanted, Internet Gods????  Now that I have made my offering of cat photos, will you return your favors to me?  Will my views and comments go back up as mysteriously as they fell???????


17 thoughts on “TGIT: Kitten Pictures! Kitten Versions of Indian Movies

    • But there is nothing Prabhas or Bahubali related! Saaho isn’t out or even with songs and trailers, and after all my epic posts, I am kind of out of new thoughts on Bahubali.

      Unless I do, like, an entire post of Bahubali as baby animals.


    • Doesn’t look quite as happy as Prabhas does in a similar situation.

      On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 2:53 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. HAHAHHAHA. THE CAT IN THE END MADE ME LAUGH IN MY OCHEM CLASS, HAHAHAH! thankfully the professor said a really bad joke at the time of my outburst.
    Still Laughing, I cant xD


  2. It was a smiling read with a hearty laugh at the end…perfect for a grey-skyed Friday 🙂

    May the eternal time-undulation gift you with a high 🙂 (to boost whatever you need to feel fine 🙂 ).


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