Moving Songs! In Honor of My Sister

My sister is moving house AGAIN!!!!  6th time in 4 years.  Yes, that is ridiculous.  My theory is, it is because they are doing everything in their life wrong and the Universe is trying to tell them that by forcing them to constantly move house until they land in the right place.  Plus side, it means I get to find them new places to live every few months and I LOVE doing that.  Looking at rental ads is super fun, so long as you don’t have to actually do the work of moving.

4 years ago, my sister and brother-in-law were dating long distance, she was living in the same nice apartment that she had lived in for 3 years.  But then they decided to get married and live in the same place.  Which set off House Hunt #1

(They didn’t have a terrible fight after marriage, it’s the cute arrival in the new apartment flashbacks I mean here)


The problem was, my sister had two 6 month jobs, one a couple hours away from where my brother-in-law lived/worked, and the other less than an hour.  So they decided to have one apartment where they would officially live for the whole year, and the first half of the year she would get a temporary 6 month rental near job A and come home on weekends, and the second half they would live together and she would commute.  House Hunt #2 for the temporary rental.

(Temporary rental was kind of like Konkona’s apartment here, except furnished.  Just one big room with a tiny kitchen area)


After that first year, the job where she had the temporary rental turned into a real full time job, and my brother-in-law’s job adjusted his hours, so they decided to move the 2 hours away and find a place by Job A.  House Hunt #3

(They were exactly like Farooq Sheikh and Deepti Naval in their first new house after the success of House Hunt #3)


They found a wonderful perfect place near Job A, unpacked, put up pictures, found a coffee place nearby, were set to stay indefinitely.  And then the owners told them they had decided to sell instead of rent, the place was going on the market and they had to move in 30 days.  Kind-of-stressed-and-miserable House Hunt #4.

(Almost nothing like this.  Except they were also a man and a woman and sad to leave a place they were living)


New place!  We found them a lovely little house owned by a nice little old lady who used the rental for her retirement income and swore up and down she would never ever want to sell.  They lived there very happily for about 9 months, began to have pictures on the wall and relax, and then their basement flooded and they called and called the landlady and couldn’t reach her.  Just on a wild guess, they checked the obituaries.  Yep, she died.  And the heirs wanted to sell the house within a month.  Sad-and-angry-and-stressed House Hunt #5.

(Kind of like Shahrukh and Juhi trying to find a place to live after Jackie died.  Except not really.  Although, again, they were a man and a woman talking about moving, so sort of!)


Another new place!  A really funky house that wasn’t exactly what they were looking for (only one bathroom, for instance, which was really not great when they had house guests), but they just wanted a place to hang their hats at this point.  Didn’t bother unpacking fully, only put up a few pictures, until they reached the 13 month point, a record for them by now.  At which point the owner called to tell them he had decided to sell.  They had 60 days to get out, and in the meantime they had to put half their stuff in storage so the house would “show” better.  Which brings us to today, the start of House Hunt #6.

(Sadly traveling the roads of the country, carrying their few possessions with them)


But I have hope for this house hunt!  Because this time they are FINALLY moving to where I want them to move.  Not just the house I pick out, but like the neighborhood and city and stuff.  Instead of staying near my sister’s Job A, they are going back to live near my brother-in-law’s job so he can stop his crazy commute and they can be near friends and family again.  And it is in a much larger urban area, where hopefully they can find a landlord who won’t decided to sell and/or die a year after they move in.  Good times coming!  I can feel it!

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