Do You Think This Blog Deserves to be Read? Here’s How You Can Help Get Me New Readers, Better Than Anyone Else!

In March I was mentioned in an article in The Hindu along with a couple other bloggers, my photo appeared and this blog and my book were mentioned by name.  And the needle on my book sales and blog views moved not one millimeter.  The largest newspaper in India, and it has no ability to gain me a single reader.

Meanwhile, Meenakshy posted a mention of this blog in a reply to a Bhardwaj Rangan tweet, and I gained ten new followers in a DAY.  Not visitors, but followers, people who came over and liked what they saw and signed up to get notifications every time there is a new post.

So when I say to you that the best way to gain me new views is to put a link in the comments of another site, or in another forum, I’m not kidding!  You, the readers, are far more powerful than any newspaper, any website, even than me!  I’ve posted my own links in the past, and discovered that no one clicks through to links posted by the writer themselves.

So, here’s your monthly request to please help by posting links to my related content on other sites.  Quote me, or say the article reminded you of me, and put up a link to the original post.  And that will gain me more readers and keep me writing and the wheels of the blog keep turning.

Oh, and also, COMMENT!!!!  I also ran the numbers on that.  Every comment gets me 20 views.  People who may have already seen the post clicking through to it, others who wouldn’t have read it otherwise clicking through to read the comments.  It doesn’t have to be a brilliant comment, just say “I love this film!  —— was so good in their role!”, that’s enough.  Or, if you want to be really easy, just answer the questions at the end of the TGIF or FanFic posts.

So, two things.  Real simple.  And that have an enormous effect in keeping me writing.


5 thoughts on “Do You Think This Blog Deserves to be Read? Here’s How You Can Help Get Me New Readers, Better Than Anyone Else!

  1. If you post links to amazon / netflix purchasing links for purchasing/streaming movies, then will you get a commission if someone clicks thru and completes the purchase?


    • I have been told to try this before, but I am not sure if my version of WordPress supports it.

      On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 9:53 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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