Eid Mubarak!!!!

Good news!  I found a post I did for Eid last year, so I can join in the celebrations after all.  Better late than never.  As I said last year, I am 95% sure all these songs are appropriate.  But if a miss-translated a lyric or something, and one of them is more secular than religious, let me know right away so I can pull it out of a post where it doesn’t belong.

There are lots of lovely lovely songs from the whole tradition of Muslim musical art in South Asia, so I’m going to pull a few of my favorites to listen to today.

1. This song is guaranteed to make me cry.  Like, when it comes on my ipod shuffle while I’m driving, I have to pull off the road for a bit.  Partly because of the context in the film, but also because it is just so beautiful on its own.

2. This isn’t my favorite AR Rahman song from this post, but it is a pretty good one.

3. Moimeme suggested this song last year, an actual Eid song!

4. Another one with no visuals that is just too pretty to skip.

5. And finally, my all time favorite song, another one that sometimes makes me pull over to the side of the road, but not because of anything about the film it’s in (although I like it fine), but just because the song itself is so so beautiful.


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