Americans Only Announcement: Where to Donate and Where to Protest Muslim Ban

Sorry non-US folks, this has nothing to do with you.  But for those of you in America, the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday on the Muslim Ban is so closely related to the topic of this blog that I want to do a post on it. (no comments, because this is a simple FYI post)

Boy, the Supreme Court just made all KINDS of bad decisions yesterday!  It’s like those days when I decide to have sugar for breakfast, followed by not brushing my hair, followed by wearing uncomfortable shoes, followed by deciding to get coffee on the way to the bus and missing it, and on and on.  They just didn’t do anything right!

I could do a whole bunch of posts on all the things they did, but for the topic of this blog, upholding the Muslim Ban is the big one.


You can donate to MPower Change, a Muslim grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the community here:


And the already scheduled mass protests this Saturday against the administration’s immigration policies now have an additional focus, you can find a protest near you here:


And here is some inspiration for why you should do this:


And a cheering reminder of the kind of America we want and why we are doing this: