Upcoming Movies: Satyamev Jayate, Ek Ladki Ko Dekho, and Zingat!

Hello hello!  Twitter had all kinds of homework for me this morning, soooooooooooo many trailers.

First, the movie I will not be seeing on Independence Day (because I am all in for Gold).  And I think that’s probably the right decision, it’s your standard “solving corruption through vigilantism” movie, Indian, Gabbar is Back, and on and on and on.

Most important part, John in a police uniform, looking gooooooooooooood.  Almost worth the price of the tickets for that alone.


This is the movie I am far more excited about!  It promises a love which is more complicated, takes hard work, all those “real” things that are wonderful.  We were just talking about how the “love at first sight” trope skips past the real work of character and relationship building.  That seems to be what this teaser promises to be all about, the whole “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga” (“I saw a girl and felt like…”) turned around, to ask what happens after that moment.

I saw a thing saying it is supposed to be about a daughter struggling in her marriage who finds out her father is having an affair.  That may or may not be the plot (I never trust these plots that are leaked super early), but it would kind of fit what we see here, Anil and Juhi (presumably) are Sonam’s parents, Sonam is married to Rajkumar, everything is happy on the surface, but in fact all the relationships are struggling.



Oh, and then there’s “Zingat”!  I still haven’t seen Sairat, I will some time before Dhadak comes out for sure, but for now the best I can do is compare the original version of the song with the new one.

The original is catchy and all that, but also the visuals have an interesting idea, our hero dancing int he streets with everyone else, our heroine up on the terrace of her house as is proper, but them exchanging glances and kind of dancing together as much as they can.

It feels like a festival or something, some big public event that everyone is (technically) celebrating together, although they are in reality separated by space.  It’s not just that our hero and heroine are dancing together (sort of) right now, it’s that this is a magic moment when all of society breaks down just a little bit, allowing them to dance together.


This version changes it ever so slightly.  Ishaan seems like he has to sneak in, this isn’t a magic open moment when he can come in with all the other men and dance in the street, but something that is closed off and particular.  And he and Jhanvi aren’t just sort of dancing together, they really are.  And it’s a real dance with chorus and everything.

Which changes the meaning, goes from “Ishaan is one of the many lower class men dancing in the streets and Jhanvi is one of many young women dancing on a terrace” to “this is a party and Ishaan is the special one who snuck in and is leading the dance below as Jhanvi leads it above”.  They are less mixed in with the crowd, you know?  More special and exceptional.

And of course it is also a cleaner look, nicer clothes and better lit and clearer camera movements and all of that.  It doesn’t feel like a crowd you might have been part of any more, more like, well, people in a movie!


20 thoughts on “Upcoming Movies: Satyamev Jayate, Ek Ladki Ko Dekho, and Zingat!

  1. They ruined Zingat in the new version with the stupid dabbing move the original is so much better and realistic, it has like a natural feel to it.


    • Yep, it’s the first film with the two of them together. I’m excited about it! He’s already co-starred with his wife’s nephew Ranveer in DDD, and his nephew Arjun in Mubarakan, but never with Sonam.

      Plus it looks like he is playing his age, which I always love, and Juhi is back, and Rajkummar is getting a high profile role, it’s all good!!!!

      On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 12:14 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. Omg. The negativity of the comments from Zingat Bollywood, led me to watch Sairat on Netflix and omg. Brace Yourselves. Brace Yourselves. My soul is truly crushed and no amount of seeing Prabhas shirtless will ever bring my joy back.


    • This is why I don’t want to watch it!!!!!!! I saw a thing about it being devastating which got me interested enough to look up the plot synopsis, and that alone was upsetting. I need to see it before I watch Dhadak, but now I’m thinking maybe I should just skip Dhadak so I never have to have my heart broken with Sairat.

      Also, hope over to the early TGIF post for a little pick me up.


      • The Dhadak kids look super adorable. It will be way more tragic with them telling the story since the language, location and peeps are familiar.

        Omg. Just brace Yourselves. I honestly cannot wait for your review, so I can break down crying in the comments.

        TGIF helps, and the guy from Anurag’s lust stories is the hero in Sairat.


          • What an upgrade. Hahaha. Hopefully he won’t be tyoecasted. DID YOU KNOW THE GIRL WAS ONLY 14 years old when she acted in SAIRAT!!!

            Apoorvaragam evokes a tragedy as well. Have you seen it?


  3. The Zingaat Hindi version seems like a choreographed effort, where somehow, every person in the crowd knows his/her steps or is following the same steps, the Marathi version seems more like a street dancing style, usually seen during Ganpati festival.. particularly in Maharashtra..

    Also, a nice tutorial on the Ganpati Dance..


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