Next Sunday Re-Run Announcement: Jodhaa-Akbar!

We were just talking about it and I’d love more discussion on my review.  So, I’m reposting! In a week on 9/23.  Which gives you all time to watch or rewatch the film and prepare for discussion.

This one is a bit trickier to watch, ErosNow has the rights to it.  So what you are going to want to do, is go to Amazon and find the ErosNow channel they host.  And then sign up for a 7 day free trial of it.  And then you can watch Jodhaa-Akbar without paying.

Or, just keep the ErosNow subscription!  They have most of the major movies of the past 20 years.  Which is why I don’t bother with them, because I already own most of the major movies of the past 20 years and I need a streaming service that has the obscure films.  But if you are less DVD-blessed than me, they might be worth checking out.


7 thoughts on “Next Sunday Re-Run Announcement: Jodhaa-Akbar!

  1. Minor Problem – One you’ve made a review announcement post, then as time goes by, it gets buried under other more recent posts, then it’s hard to search through past posts to find what is coming up for review (for us to watch). Unlike a book, one can just watch the night before or the day of, so the review announcement post should be easy to find 6 days later.

    Suggested solution – So perhaps label all review announcement posts with a common tag, like “announcement”, that we can search on? And/or add a menu item called Movie Club or Review Announcements, which if you click on it, brings up the announcement posts in descending order?


    • i have been worrying about this too. i also have the option of “pinning” posts, putting them at the top of the home page until i am ready to move them.


      • Pinning works for me, as a regular reader, and it’s probably the easiest for you to employ.

        Does it meet your needs for the blog though? If a new reader visits your blog for the first time, do you want the review announcement to be the topmost post? It No right answer, just something for you to think about.


        • That’s why I have avoided pinning in general. I’ll try this, since it is so small and obviously not the most recent post but just an announcement. When I’ve pinned before, I saw the difference right away because the next newest post got hardly any views since it wasn’t at the top of the page and no one realized it had been put up. The non-subscribers who flip to the site regularly looking to see if something new has gone up got confused. But this might be good, it’s obviously not a “real” post, and maybe a new reader would see it and just think “oh that’s handy”.

          We’ll see.

          On Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 6:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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