Happy Fall Equinox!!!!

Happy Fall Equinox!  A late post, but better late than never.  And it will give you something to enjoy while you wait for the Sunday posts to go up (this is an updated and reposted post)

Not that many Fall scenes in Indian movies.  I mean, why would there be?  It’s not an Indian season, at least not in most of India.  Just like American movies don’t really have monsoon songs.  But there are a few times that the crisp clear colorful beauty of fall has been captured onscreen.

1.1. I had to start with this one.  In imitation of Silsila, Karan used the seasons to evoke emotions.  And fall is perfect for this song, after the crazy flush of summer, when you settle in for the long slow winter of life.

2. Now, you may not be able to tell this is fall, but believe me it is!  Because that’s when they were in town filming, for one thing.  But also, as a Chicago person, there is a certain clearness to the sky and the trees and the few flowers that are still blooming stand out all the stronger for being the only ones, which makes it unmistakable.  Also, in the opening shot, you can see the trees are just starting to turn.  And by the way, the city really does look just this beautiful on a clear fall day.

3. This is another one that isn’t obviously fall, but notice how the trees are starting to turn in the background?  And it’s a good thematic fall song, even if they didn’t hit the point terribly hard, since it is about Rani thinking she is entering the winter of her life and Saif trying to convince her she hasn’t yet.

4.  Another thematic song, with the depressing end of things feel, but also one last chance for warmth and happiness.  And it’s not obviously fall, but if you look at 2 minutes in, you’ll notice all the dead leaves.

5.  And finally, the movie that inspired Karan, Silsila!  Most people remember the tulip fields, but check out the “death of love” fall scene that Amitabh is in during his voice over parts.  Well, “death of love” or “wake up to real life”, as I prefer to think of the end of long sunny summer days and beginning of shorter cooler fall days.


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