Get Well Soon Mrs. Perfect!

So long as you are stuck at the hospital, I want you to have good things to read and watch and think about!  I hate that feeling when sickness stops you from living your life, but the nice side is that you get an excuse to drop out of life for a while and live in fantasy.

I am trying to think of the movies I was obsessed with when I was your age.  Both because you should probably like them too, and because I am so old (SO OLD!!!!) that these may have missed your attention and be new to you.  Maybe you only end up liking one of them, but I am going to recommend a whole bunch so you can pick and choose.


Have you watched Bend it Like Beckham?  If not, now is the time!  It’s dreamy and sweet and romantic and you will love it.  And it should also be pretty easy to find online.


Socha Na Tha is another wonderful one if you haven’t seen it yet.  Just a pleasant little love story with a nice hero and heroine.


Certain readers would never forgive me if I didn’t also recommend Sanam Teri Kasam.  It’s a little sad, but it has a wonderful romance.


Maine Pyar Kiya, if you have somehow lived your life without seeing it yet, it is a MUST WATCH.


So is Jaane Tu….Ya Jaane Na.  It’s less popular now than it was when it first came out, but I still love it and it made me fall in love with Imraan Khan.


Dil Maange More, really not a great film, but Shahid is cute and so are the heroines, and the songs are good, and it’s on Netflix.


I can’t really recommend outside of Hindi for you, because you are more likely to know the Tamil and Telugu and Malayalam films than I am.  Minsara Kanavu is a MOST, the only other film by the director of Kandukondain Kandukondain.


Oh, and if you haven’t watched Manam yet, you should, it’s my favorite feeling sick film.


There’s also Bommarillu with Siddharth being cute.


And Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana with Siddharth being cuter.


If movies are too exhausting and you want variety, I can also recommend books!  The Patricia Wrede Dragon series was my absolute favorite from about age 10 to 30.  Very easy reads, very lightweight (literally light weight, you can get them in paperback so they are easy to read in bed).

Image result for patricia wrede dragons


The Penderwick Sisters series, if you haven’t read them already, are also wonderful, very nice books about 5 sisters growing up.  And the author just finished the series, so now you can know how it all ends.

Image result for penderwick sisters


The Betsy-Tacy series is another wonderful one, the first books are written for small children but if you come in at the high school years (starting with Heaven to Betsy), it is all very romantic and interesting and addictive.

Image result for betsy tacy high school


And then of course you can imitate me, and when life is really just horrible, turn to Twilight.  The books are truly terribly written, but so addictive and intoxicating that you can forget everything else that is sucky going on in your life.

Image result for twilight series

(Books or movies, I won’t judge)




That’s it, that’s all my recommendations for fun things to make you feel better while you are stuck in bed!  You can use them, or you can just take this as an “I’m thinking about you” post.


(oh, and if any of the readers out there want to leap in and give suggestions for things Mrs. Perfect can do while stuck recovering from a car accident, feel free)

7 thoughts on “Get Well Soon Mrs. Perfect!

  1. Love all these suggestions. In addition, I would also reccomend Koobhsurat (with Soman,
    althought the Rehka one is also amazing) and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak to that list. As for reading, I reccomend The Selection series by Kiera Cass. Hope you feel better soon, Mrs. Perfect.


    • I was considering Khoobsurat too! But then my list was already soooooo long. And QSQT is so SAAAD! For me, I wouldn’t want to watch it while I was sick, but then I know there are people who just love to cry while sick.

      And you just got me to look up The Selection. Looks fascinating!


      • I couldn’t watch QSQT for a long time and still have a hard time watching it but I love their romance so much. It is just so sweet. I stop it when they get married and are living on the hilltop. The Selection series is basically the Bachelor meets the Hunger Games with amazing costumes.


  2. Wishing Mrs. Perfect a speedy recovery. To be cheered up and to enjoy watch Jab We Met followed by Jab Harry Met Segal. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi with a lively dual performance by Shah Rukh. Khoobsurat with Sonam Kapoor is a fun watch. OK Kanmani/O Kadhal Kanmani with Dulquer Salmaan. Uncle with his father, Mammootty. There are so many to recommend that I am with Margaret that the list could get so long.


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