An Anniversary Present From Me to You!!! Want to See Raw Stats?

I just went ahead and did “print screen” for the stats pages for the year that I get to see and you don’t.  So you can fully understand what I mean when I talk about this post or that post being far more popular, or this way of getting referrals being much better.

This is the top posts by views for all of 2018.  You know how I mention that the SPOILERS stuff gets far more views than anything else?  Well, now you can see what I mean.  There’s also the Ratan Nanda and Karan Johar news posts in there, that’s just because people are searching for “Rishi Kapoor cancer” and “Karan Johar babies white” and those posts have those words in them.  There’s also all the people searching “Netflix Tamil”.  Madhavan re-tweeted the “Top Ten Crying Films” post, you can see the bump that gave me.  Anyway, that’s the kind of analysis I do when I see these little anomaly posts, otherwise it’s a pretty straight forward “people like spoilers” kind of list.



And for another perspective on things, which is interesting not just for my stats but for Indian cinema in general, wanna see a map of the world color coded to show where my readers come from?


So next time somebody argues Indian film isn’t global or something stupid like that, show them this map.  Except in countries where internet access is restricted and they could not even reach my blog, everywhere in the world reads about Indian film.

Also, for those of you in the lighter colored countries, get competitive!  Australia, I really feel you should be able to do at least as good as Canada.  Just hit “refresh” more often!



4 thoughts on “An Anniversary Present From Me to You!!! Want to See Raw Stats?

  1. Fitoor spoilers is in your top 15? One of these things is not like the other! All other films in the top 15 are from 2018 and were hits, whereas fitoor was 2016 and bombed but not with any fanfare, noted more for being Katrina first bomb after a long hit streak rather than for being a bomb itself.

    Notice that Stree is at the top of your list but Thugs is at the bottom, even though they released months apart. This is so unpopular that people aren’t even interested in spoilers, and the ate more interested in fitoor spoilers than thugs.

    I’m one of the few people on earth who didn’t hate fitoor, so I’m finding the fitoor blip kinda fascinating. Why do you think it’s blipping?

    Congratulations in having at least one reader in every single country on earth! That is no mean feat!

    Also interesting that your only non yellow countries are India Usa Canada. I thought more would be in that pack, like uk aus & pak. Also some of your regular commenters are from Europe so i thought at least some of Europe might have higher representation.

    P.S. thank you for sharing your stats!


    • Fitoor spoilers is always always my most popular post! Probably a combination of things, first of course that it was a confusing movie that a lot of people either didn’t finish or finished and didn’t understand. And it was promoted so much that people were curious to know what happened. Plus just random chance, somehow my post got a lot of attention early on and now it is still one of the top results if you look for SPOILERS online, so people keep coming back to it and it stays one of the top results. Anyway, it’s weird, and I have been waiting for 3 years for the magic to happen again and so far, no luck. I had hopes for Jagga Jasoos, but after a little bump in the first week, nothing. Mom, weirdly, was also very very big for a while (I think just because the plot was a little confusing) but then that died away. And yet Fitoor SPOILERS just keeps plugging along.

      I was hoping for Thugs SPOILERS being a little bit of a boost for me because, like Fitoor, it was highly promoted and then no one wanted to actually watch it. But no luck so far, either because everyone feels like they can guess they plot so why bother with SPOILERS or because they just don’t care at all. It could still happen though, I got this massive Stree boom in the past couple of weeks, I am assuming because it finally hit a satellite channel. Maybe in a month or so when Thugs is broadcast, my poor ignored Thugs posts will get some love.

      The map of countries really only makes sense if you look at it combined with the most popular posts list. I get the majority of my readers from folks trolling the internet for SPOILERS on Indian film, and apparently they all live in America, India, and Canada. The people who actually want to participate in discussions are only a tiny part of my readers. The UK is the one I would think would be higher, based on the number of desis there, but maybe they have other SPOILER sources.

      On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 7:53 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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