Bonus Silly Sunday: Darr Sequel! With a Happy Ending

I forgot about this, Patricia Merry and I wrote a Darr sequel in the comments ages back.  Doesn’t seem fair to post the one MKP wrote with me and skip the other one.

This is almost just cut and pasted from my comment. Darr Sequel in Which Juhi and Shahrukh Get Together:

I don’t know if I want a sequel to Darr exactly, but maybe a sequel/retcon.  Not just that Shahrukh survived and went to an asylum, but that he wasn’t quite as extreme to begin with.  His love song is cute, but it is right after the purposefully disturbing moment when he peeps on Juhi while she changes.  If it was made more like, Shahrukh was the romantic young man whose gestures were too much for Juhi to handle at the time, and Sunny exacerbated the situation by making her more scared, and reacting with violence to Shahrukh.  Shahrukh follows her around at college, then is too shy to talk to her directly in Bombay at first, is disturbed and talks to his dead mother on the phone, has photos in his room, all of that.  He sneaks in to give her gifts, calls her and disguises his voice and blurts out his love, it’s really not healthy.  But there is no violence, no kidnapping, no stabbing, just creepy phone calls and love gifts.  And Sunny’s dominating possessive reaction to all this, not willing to listen to Juhi or anyone else, at first dismissing her fears and then taking his reaction to extremes, just exacerbates the situation.  In the end, Juhi figures out that Shahrukh-the-new-friend is the same as the man who has been calling her and giving her gifts and talks to him calmly until he agrees he needs help.  At which point Sunny bursts out and beats him up while Juhi begs him to show mercy.  And then he drags Shahrukh off to the police.  Sunny tries to make sure he goes to jail, but Juhi in the end goes to the court and pleas for mercy, asks that Shahrukh get the treatment he needs.

(See, they were kind of okay together back before Shahrukh got really crazy)

Now, in the present, Shahrukh is finally in a stable place, years out of the asylum and into deep talk therapy.  His therapist recommends that as part of his therapy, he should meet with present-day Juhi and apologize and take responsibility.  Unexpectedly, their meeting turns into a friendship, they have a similar taste in books and sensitive way of looking at the world.  Juhi invites him home to meet her husband (as is the proper thing to do when you have an intense opposite-sex friendship), and Sunny is boorish and insensitive, doesn’t trust Shahrukh still, gets drunk and is aggressive towards Juhi.  Shahrukh holds back and doesn’t do anything, but later gently says something to Juhi about how he is worried about her or wishes her husband treated her with more respect.

Shahrukh and Juhi build a friendship that never crosses the line into anything inappropriate (because Shahrukh is hyper-vigilante and careful not to repeat his previous patterns) but does include him encouraging her to have self-respect and value herself and not put up with the treatment Sunny gives her.  Juhi even starts seeing his same therapist and they have a few joint sessions where they work through their previous interactions, Shahrukh confirms that it was entirely his fault and he was in the wrong, but Juhi comes to realize that her brother and Sunny exacerbated the situation by not believing her, by minimizing her fears, that Shahrukh was not the only man putting her in danger.  Her growing strength comes to threaten Sunny until she finally flees the house in fear of her physical safety, and goes to Shahrukh because he is the only person she knows who would take her in and not try to make her go back to Sunny.  Sunny brings in the police and their past triangle is brought out, Sunny suggests that Shahrukh has kidnapped her again, Shahrukh peacefully allows himself to be arrested because he feels he never truly paid the price for his past sins, but Juhi is angry.  In the end, Juhi gives an impassioned speech in court about how Shahrukh made her fear as a young woman, but it was Sunny who made her fear for the rest of her life.  That Shahrukh is now a different person, he could be “cured” from his delusions, but Sunny can never be “cured” because his aggression and violence are an innate part of himself, and she is done putting up with it.

Related image

Once Juhi is finally divorced, she talks to the therapist and slowly works through her feelings (over a time passing montage, lets say, she gets a job and her own place and visits her kids at boarding school and all that).  She eventually decides that she never loved young Shahrukh, he was a monster.  But this new mature Shahrukh is a different person, and she is a different person too after all those years with Sunny, and these two new people could have a real relationship.  Only Shahrukh would never make a move to start that relationship because he still feels in the wrong.  During this intensive therapy and personal growth period (lets say it’s been a year) she and Shahrukh have stayed close friends, meeting for coffee and dinner parties and going to gallery openings together and so on.  And now that Juhi feels like she finally knows what she wants and what Shahrukh wants, she asks him to meet at the same place they met the first time for him to apologize and confesses her feelings.  He flees from her at first, uncomfortable with what she is saying, but she follows him (the stalking returns, but different, she is the one chasing and she knows he truly returns the feelings).  Finally she corners him in a cab and forces him to listen to the arguments she just went through with the therapist, convinces him that he feels completely different about her this time, that he loves her mind and her intellect and her spirit, not just her body, that he actually knows her.  And then we cut to their quiet registry marriage.



And then I suppose we could have a twist ending where after he has carried her into the apartment, he goes to his secret room and reveals he still has it covered in photos and all that and is just as obsessed as ever and in fact this was all his plan.  But I’d rather keep it as a simple happy ending.

What do you think?  Does that work for you?

4 thoughts on “Bonus Silly Sunday: Darr Sequel! With a Happy Ending

    • I wish! But in Ninnu Kori, she stays with Sunny Deol instead of divorcing him and going back to the nice man who actually understands her and wants her to be herself.


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