Christmas Giveaway Week 4! And the Winner Is…..FilmiLibrarian!

Week 4!  My goodness time goes fast.  And you get to see the card from week 3!  Which was a bit silly, because I was in a silly mood.

This week’s winner is…. FilmiLibrarian!  Congrats!  I am very excited about making a card you will like.  And I am loving this new system of only making cards once I know who the winner is, way more fun.


Now, last week’s card!  For Alisa, my one and only Aamir fan.  I know there are other people who like Aamir, but do any of you really really love and obsess over him?  Anyway, since she likes Aamir for everything he is, all the enthusiasm and craziness and hipster glasses, I tried to convey that in Christmas card form.


Oh, also, FilmiLibrarian!  I can’t find your address!  Please feel out below form so I know where to send the lovely card I have all ready to go for you:

6 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway Week 4! And the Winner Is…..FilmiLibrarian!

    • You know, I love that saying, but I have to admit in my kitchen there is NOT a lid for every pot. There’s a lid for every other pot and if I’ve already used it I have to handwash it and use it again and it is very frustrating. Which I guess is how polygamy works.

      On Sun, Dec 9, 2018 at 10:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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