Christmas Card Give-Away Week 5! And the Winner Is…..MKP!!!!!!

Congrats to the new winner!  And Congrats to last week’s winner Filmilibrarian!  Your card is beautiful, and now everyone can admire it.

This week’s winner is….MKP!!!  Congrats!  I will create a perfectly designed unique appropriate card just for you and send it right off.

Last week’s winner was FilmiLibrarian who likes rom-coms and Hrithik and Arjun Kapoor and other things that people of good taste enjoy.  And thus I created a card all about “Love”.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Card Give-Away Week 5! And the Winner Is…..MKP!!!!!!

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  2. OMG, I’m so glad I missed this post because then I got to see the real thing first! I just received the card today and I love it! It’s so perfectly tailored to my favorite heroes and rom-com jodis! You know me so well:)

    People, it has Hrithik and Rani from MDK, technically the first Hindi rom-com I ever saw and one of my all time favorites…Raabta, which Margaret and I both love despite the haters, Saif and Preity from Kal Ho Naa Ho, a classic fav, Abhishek and Sonam in Delhi 6, which is one of my favorite all-time Indian films for some reason, and Imran and Katrina from MBKD, one of my all-time favorite rom-coms, Imran and Anushka from MKBKM, another under-appreciated fav, and finally a cute promotional image of Parineeti and Arjun, a classic pairing who hopefully redeem themselves in their next:)

    Honestly, one of the best cards I’ve ever received! Thanks:)


    • I’m so glad you like it!!!! I have to admit, I searched my archives for your comments to make sure I picked the right images.

      And thank you for commenting so much and telling so many nice stories about the movies you like!

      On Tue, Dec 18, 2018 at 9:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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