Happy Birthday John Abraham! Sorry I Am Late Again

I was late last year, I’m late again this year, poor John is always forgotten.  But he is such a sweetheart, he probably won’t mind.

1.1. I love you because you weren’t too proud to be launched by agreeing to lend your pretty face and nice body to a sexy movie.

2. I love you because you proved you could act (sort of) in your breakthrough role as the bad guy in Dhoom.

3. I love you because you have worked steadily since your debut, taking anything that came your way, from rom-coms to raunchy comedies to action to sex.

4. I love you because your intro film, while only making average box office, also has one of my favorite songs in it.  And proved your willingness to remove your shirt!

5.  And then in your later, even sexier, film Paap, you provided the film clip that is the reason I had to register on youtube and promise I was over 18.

6. I love you because, post Dhoom and a few other hits, you relaunched yourself with new hair and a new physique in Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal.

7. I love you because you were in Mira Nair’s Oscar nominated historical drama Water, which I find HILARIOUS.  Who casts John Abraham in a serious historic drama?

8. I love you because, while it was hilarious for you to be used in an Oscar-bait serious film, it was admirable the way you slowly built up your reputation in India, going from being beefcake to a good utility player, to someone who could carry carefully chosen films on your own shoulders, to someone with your own production house.

9. I love you because you built your production house not on beefcake and silly comedies, but on serious well-made films, lending your name and money and influence to good scripts and inventive directors.

10. I love you for playing happy beefcake in one of the most queer friendly films ever to come out of India.

11.  I love you because you tried, you really tried, to pull of the shy sweater wearing hero in Jhootha Hi Sahi, a movie I have a secret little soft spot for.

12.  And finally, of course, I will always love you for this!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday John Abraham! Sorry I Am Late Again

  1. When John was at the Oscars, women kept swooning over him asking for his autograph or photo… mistaking him for Antonio Bandares!

    He does have international good looks and could establish himself anywhere for a second innings to his career… America, South America, Europe, anywhere really.


    • And he even has an international name! Although probably stupid Americans will think he changed it and make fun of him for that, instead of realizing their are Christians in India too.


  2. Do you have a review for Jhootha Hi Sahi? I always wanted to watch it, and would like your thoughts on it since I trust your reviews 🙂


    • I don’t think I do have a review, but I liked it. The lead actress is terrible, but the rest of the cast is great which almost makes up for it. and the script is really good. And Rahman songs.


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