Happy Zero Day!!!!

Happy Zero Day!!!! And reminder, No Spoilers!!!! I will put up a spoiler review ASAP, and then we can all talk there in a nicely quarantined area. In the meantime, you can continue talking about Chennai Express on the review I posted last night.

My Zero plan right now is to catch my dawn flight to Boston, and then spend oodles of money at the airport to get a car that will take me to the suburban theater which is playing Zero, because the theater available by public transit doesn’t have a showtime for another 3 hours. I’ll get to the theater either 20 minutes earlier or just in time depending on traffic, watch Zero, and then my sister will pick me up after and finally take me back to her place.

If I am a polite guest, I’ll make chit-chat and then, FINALLY, have a chance to settle down and write a review. If I am a rude guest, I’ll get to work on it immediately and you should have a review by about 4pm EST.

Feel free to share your own Zero plans, or other random thoughts, but remember, NO SPOILERS. Not even “I liked it”. I want NOTHING! I want to go in completely cold! I don’t usually care this much, but I really do this time so I am being selfish.

See, Salman says it is good to be selfish

9 thoughts on “Happy Zero Day!!!!

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  2. I thought I would go sometime next week when it slowed down a bit, but my friend can only go tomorrow so we got two of the last tickets to the afternoon show. Yay! Will be staying away until then…


  3. I had two happy Zero days just a week ago with three watches (and – I think – questionable German subtitles)
    I first read about your journey to the cinema hall, now I’ll read the journey you had with the movie.
    I have to say that I was – almost one month after Christmas – like a child excited for the candle-lit tree and the gifts under it before my first watch and then like a happy kid being able to watch it again simultaneously being a sad adult because my wish for a roaring success hadn’t matrialized.


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