Christmas Card Give Away, the LAST WEEK! And the Winner is… Joyomama!!!!!

Every week I think “this is it, the greatest card ever”.  And then I top myself the next week.  But I really feel like this week it actually IS the greatest card ever.

Congrats Joyomama!!! What a joyous way to end the Christmas Card Give Away!!!!

Now, last week MKP won.  And conveniently had just given a looooong answer to my “sexiest moments of the stars” post, so I had lots of data.  With the end result of one of those cards that is so beautiful you will lose track of time staring at it.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Card Give Away, the LAST WEEK! And the Winner is… Joyomama!!!!!

    • You are welcome! Although this won’t be your card, but your card will also be very very good. in fact, you will probably get multiple cards because you are the last and I am clearing out the extras. Lucky for you!


      • I love your cards and appreciate the gesture, but worry that you are spending too much of my meager retiree Patreon contribution on postage. A digital card would be fine! Hugs to you and yours as we head into peak hollida.


  1. Wait, wait, wait. I start every morning with DCIB, and haven’t a clue how one qualifies to win a card. I love the look of them. If it’s “Best Comment” I don’t have a chance in Hyderabad. If it’s “Who loves Indian Cinema Most And Is Getting More And More Savvy About It”, well, maybe. In any case, Happy Holidays, mredlich, Dog Hazel, and all my fellow followers. My New Year’s resolution is to learn as much as I can from you all, comment with more weight, and maybe study Hindi.

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    • Ah, the card is simply who makes the most comments each week. And you can only win once, so if someone who already won made the most, I go down to the next person on the list. Don’t worry, I always have a final post offering to send a card to anyone who wants one 🙂

      Happy Holidays to you too!


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