Merry Christmas From the Indian Film Industry!

Happy Christmas afternoon! We are all sitting around playing with our new toys and dozing lightly, and I just checked in with Indian film and Salman’s twitter was so cheerful and full of holiday joy, I just had to share it! And some other stuff as well. (also, my embeds are acting weird, click the link if it doesn’t show up)

This is what greeted me when I finally got on The Twitter today. And it made me so happy! Almost gave me energy to start picking up and throwing away wrapping paper. But not really.

Gauri posted a photo of Shahrukh and AbRam in that same sea of lights thing they did for Diwali. It looks so cool! They should just keep it up all the time.

And of course, the longest running Christmas tradition of the film industry, the Kapoor Family Brunch. Started by Jennifer Kendal as a way of bringing her Christian/British heritage together with her new Indian family. Continued by Shashi for 3 decades after her death in her memory. And now hosted by Shashi and Jennifer’s three children in memory of their parents. And every one of the Kapoors who could faithfully turn out for it, because everyone loved Shashi and Jennifer.

Kareena Kapoor Khan, Taimur, Karisma at Christmas brunch

Armaan Jain continues to try to make himself a thing no matter how much we wish he wouldn’t.

The night before, Saif had a family party with his kids, which looks really nice. And yes yes, Ibrahim looks exactly like his father/grandmother to a spooky degree.

Biggest surprise, Ranbir showed up! Which spoils my whole theory that he was getting some kind of terrible disfiguring disease and slowly turning into a gothic hero, avoiding all public events and wandering the halls of his mansion, driving away all those who used to love him. Oh well, maybe next time.

And finally, my winner for “cutest celebrity holiday photo 2018”, Neal Nitin Mukesh and family:

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From the Indian Film Industry!

  1. Ranbir showed up with Ayan instead of Alia 🤔

    I love the Kapoor photos because it looks very down to earth, like this might be a Christmas gathering you’d attend yourself, not a big Bollywood glam thing.

    Salman’s video is adorable but also has me thinking good god, how do all these people have the energy for so many parties on top of film promo and their jobs? I would drop dead of exhaustion trying to do all that.


    • I was wondering about Ayan and Ranbir too! But then, Alia’s family is German on her mother’s side, so maybe she had her own family tradition? Or, speaking of dropping dead of exhaustion, maybe she just couldn’t drag herself out after all the night shoots and stuff (Ranbir looks pretty dead himself). No, wait, that doesn’t work because Ayan is directing their movie, if Ranbir was looking dead from work, so should Ayan. Maybe Ranbir just likes Ayan better?


    • I’m happy that he is coming to the family brunch, but does he have to bring a girlfriend in coordinated outfits and pose out front before he goes in? Just be a person! Stop trying to get our attention!


  2. The dancing video of Salman it’s cute but also enlightening : look at how well his hips moves when he dances in the first half. The S curves he makes with his hips are almost as fluid as Katrina’s. Trapped behind the steroid use/abuse, aches/pains, and stiffening physique, is an innate ability to move, yearning to peek out now and then.


    • Yes! He was always the Khan with the most natural dancing ability. But somehow now it has been turned into hook steps and quick edits instead of natural rhythm and flow.


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