Another Game! To Play With Yourself, Or Others

I like this game. We can play it as a group if you post your answers in the comments, or you can play it with the people you are with, or just silently in your head to pass the time.

The game is Hook-up, Date, Marry and sometimes Kill

The challenge is, for your favorite actor, which of his/her characters would you pick?

I’ll start! Using Shahrukh:

Hook-up: Don.  You have to be curious what it would be like, right?

Date: Rahul from Yes Boss.  Will do anything to make you laugh, the perfect boyfriend

Marry: I think I’m stealing Angie’s answer, Jug from Dear Zindagi because he has beachfront property

Kill: Also Don.  I would hook-up with him, and then kill him.  He is just not a nice person!

(You can see where I am coming from, right?)

Now, just to be gender neutral, Kajol!

Hook-up: Dilwale Kajol.  She’s all tough and evil, I don’t need that in my life, but it might be interesting for a hook-up.  She’s certainly very confident.

Date: Karan-Arjun Kajol.  Kajol seems like she would be A LOT as a girlfriend, but the Karan-Arjun version at least was extremely accommodating, not even minding when her boyfriend forgot about her mortal danger for large periods of the plot.

Marry: Dushman Kajol.  Obviously.  A Kajol that can protect me.

Kill: Pass!  I can kill Shahrukh, but I love all my Kajol’s too much to kill them.

Now, your turn!  Pick your favorite actor and see what you can come up with.

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