Wednesday Watching: What Are We All Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening To on Boxing Day?

Happy Day After Christmas!!!! I hope your holiday was lovely, and that you don’t have to rush rush back to work right away.

I’ll start!

Reading: Wikipedia on Boxing Day! All evidence points to it being a reference to “Christmas Boxes” that were given to the servants like a bonus. And it happened the day after Christmas because the servants had to work on Christmas. This is all very disappointing to me, I thought it was because family’s get so drunk and angry on Christmas that spontaneous boxing matches break out all over on December 26th.

Watching: Arthur Christmas, still the most entertaining Christmas movie I’ve seen. Also, the Hallmark “Happy Christmas”. Which is a 3 hour block of a decorated fireplace with various animals playing in front of it (dog, cat, puppies, kittens, ducklings, pig, etc.).

Thinking: I think today, in the spirit of everyone trying to spend time with their family, I will repost some of my games from earlier in the month. That seems Boxing Day appropriate, right?

Listening: I also got my sister to watch Teefa in Trouble, yaaaay!

How about you? What are you watching and thinking and reading and listening to on Christmas week?

21 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching: What Are We All Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening To on Boxing Day?

  1. I’m still in bed and sick, but I managed to watch some movies. Just finished the Christmas Chronicles on Netflix and loved it. Really good, christmas-y and with good acting. Much much better than The Princess Switch we watched few days ago.
    I’m watching Humsafar too, and before I get sick I saw Badhaai Ho. It’s so nice.
    Reading: I started The Mountain Is Young by Han Suyin, but I’m not sure if I will finish it.


  2. So many movies!!!! I have watched Gold and Soorma, and re-watched the first episode of AR Rahman’s Harmony series. And in theaters, I saw Zero and Mary Poppins Returns. Mary Poppins was a family outing, after Christmas brunch, my 6-year-old grandson’s first movie in a big theater. He was very impressed! I am looking for a time to see Zero again, because I can’t stop thinking about it.

    Reading: Not much besides recipes. This is a cooking and baking-intensive week for me!

    Thinking: I want to learn something new this year. So I am deciding what…


    • Yaaay, Gold and Soorma! Now I just have to remember to schedule those reviews, since there is someone to talk on them.

      On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 11:30 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. We are halfway through Bahubali the Conclusion and my husband is loving it. I am liking it but also feeling a bit let down because it was so hyped and for me not living up to the praise. The fight scenes and cinematography are spectacular, I will definitely give the film all the kudos for that. But the plot isn’t grabbing me. I do love Kattapa, the Queen Mother and Devasena as badass characters.

    My kid is flying back today, yay! He had a great time in NYC and I am so proud of him for handling his trip so well.

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    • Yaaaay to your kid coming home!!!!

      And B2 might be one that you have kind of sleep on. It is deceptively simple, once you start digging into the “was this choice at this moment the best possible option?” questions, it suddenly expands. There is at least one regular commentator here who sees the whole thing as Devasena being the villain.

      On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 12:34 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Reading: All the strange ways people are defending Zero. Anurag Kashyap blamed the audience for not getting the movie and being hypocrites…Kanika Dhillon blamed the critics for not seeing the brilliance in the script. They are basically telling people what to think and blaming us for not being smart enough…I hate when these Bollywood folks think they are better than the audience…it reflects so much ego and self-delusion…


    • Huh. Well, I’m no one to talk, I’ve been guilty of that myself with my own pet films. I find it fascinating to consider why a movie that (I think) is good, failed to work with the audience. And on the other hand, why a movie that (I think) is bad did work. Only, I think I end up being far more insulting in the second instance than the first.

      On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 7:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Still really jet-lagging and hoping I can get some sleep before too long. I had a really nice, low-key holiday, though, and I’m here for another week and will probably be able to catch up on my sleep.

    I watched Kuchh Bheege Alfaz on the plane. I was hopeful about it because it was directed by Onir, who directed I Am, which I thought was a truly great but really upsetting movie. Now he’s trying his hand at a rom com which kind of doesn’t work. The part I had the hardest time with was that the female lead works at a place where they create memes and those bad jokes everyone forwards on Facebook. (1) Is that actually a job? (2) She keeps making these speeches about creativity and expression and I keep thinking “really? Memes?” Maybe I’m too old. Even though the movie looks a bit grittier, it trots out all the rom com cliches: wrong number leads to love, lead’s best friend is in love with her, etc. This movie turns out to have been a bit disastrous for Onir, as the guy he discovered for the lead male was found to have violently abused two women.


    • Oh! Yes! And then Onir heard about it from one of the girlfriends and was horrified and immediately dropped him from all future projects and killed his career. So, happy ending.

      Anyway, sleep tight and get rest, and watch (or rewatch) Gold and/or Soorma to join in the discussion on Friday and Sunday.

      On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 8:44 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I’m home enjoying time off and happy to be through the most labor-intensive of the holiday organizing. We’re through hosting Christmas Eve dinner, and kids’ Christmas morning (with bonus gifts for husband this year because he helped get us all through a busy few months), and traveling to my uncle’s place for Christmas dinner with white elephant gift thing. Now we have house guests for a week (the nice but non-English-speaking not-world-traveler kind who need more shepherding around the city), an unexpected New Year’s gathering to go to, and smaller second round of kid gifts for Epiphany when the Three Kings arrive. But I’m in a supporting role for all of that so the pressure is off.

    Watching: Full disclosure, we almost never go out to movies and I’m the add it to the queue and forget it type, so I’m usually about two to three years behind. But…we just watched Begin Again and loved it and now I’m convinced it should be re-made as a Hindi multi-starrer. I started casting it in my head. The Mark Ruffalo-Catherine Keener older couple is a great, complex relationship for an SRK-Juhi reunion, and there’s a legit rock star played by Adam Levine that could be perfect for Fawad. Haven’t settled on one person for the Kiera Knightley role, could be Mahira but she’s already done a similar role in Ho Mann Jahaan. Who else can act and really sing? Alia? There’s also a great teenage daughter role, and the best friend played by James Corden who should definitely be Mayank from JHMS. My only doubt is that there is a version of what the Mark Ruffalo role could turn into in a Bollywoodized adaptation that looks like Aamir in Secret Superstar, and that would feel derivative and would ruin a lot of what’s great about the original.

    Also, Margaret, I think you would be proud, I’m working on convincing the friend who came with me to Zero and her husband that they should watch Loins of Punjab. The humor would suit them. We’ll see, not the easiest sell!

    Reading: I love many things about this interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda, but the parts about his marriage are my favorite. He gives his wife, Vanessa, so much respect, both in her own career and in how she supports and makes space for his work and the massive success he’s had. For example: “She and I, that goes on when everything else fades and I write a show that closes after opening night. That’s all part of the career. I don’t have one hero who doesn’t have flops in their career.” That’s amazing perspective for a guy who still basically walks on water at the moment. I love the window into their relationship of equals. Just thinking about all the famous couples we get a peek into, this one made me happy.


    • You make me so glad I got to have a lowkey Christmas this year. Although I do miss out on the family fun and fussing a bit, but on the other hand being able to just sit around reading romance novels and watching movies with my sister is pretty great. I am very impressed that you manage to juggle two family holidays (Christmas and Epiphany) within a few weeks.

      Just looked up Begin Again, and I love that the central relationship is left untidy and as a creative collaboration and friendship. Just having read the synopsis, I would vote for Dips as the heroine, because she can do that calmly confident in herself and also a little heartbroken thing perfectly. And I might want Ranbir as the rockstar, which would be a little nod both to his past with Dips and his performance in “Rockstar”. Or else Ranveer. Arijit Singh can do his voice, and Dips can be Jasleen Royal, female singer/songwriter.

      I am SO PROUD!!!! Yes, everyone should see Loins of Punjab and not pay attention to the title!

      On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 10:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Ranbir wouldn’t be a bad choice, given that character turns out to be afraid of commitment and wants to sample other options as soon as he gets famous. Kind of exactly like ADHM though. Ali Zafar could do it too, a more layered and problematic character than in Dear Zindagi, but he could sell the talent and charm. Dips…maybe. You have to be able to believe that she could be an overlooked rockstar girlfriend even though she’s equally talented, just not as fame-hungry.


        • Poor Dips actually was the overlooked girlfriend who wasn’t as hungry for a while, so she can probably play it.

          Love the idea of Ali Zafar, and the bonus would be that he would be able to write and perform the perfect songs for the part.


      • P.S. Regarding Christmas busy-ness: I sometimes think of you stages of life post – definitely feeling I’m at the workhorse householder stage, even if I’m not expected to cook for and look after my in-laws as well as my young children. I’ve noticed as I take on more of the parent and hosting role, that stage is a real thing.


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