Best Soundtrack and Best Song of 2018

Angie just reminded me of this category. I think I was planning to add it before being felled by the Cold of Death. But, better late than never! Vote in the comments, and also feel free to put in a “Write in” vote. The shortlist is just to help you remember options and narrow down your choices.

Best Soundtrack Shortlist



Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety


Veere Di Wedding

Bhavesh Joshi SuperHero


Best Song Shortlist

“Mere Naam Tu”

“Naina De Kya Kasoor”


“Tera Fitoor”

“Ishq Di Baajiyan”

“Qasam Kha Li”


“Ae Watan”

“Bom Diggy Diggy”

28 thoughts on “Best Soundtrack and Best Song of 2018

  1. Soundtrack: Manmarziyaan
    Quite long and really varied. Probably the soundtrack I spent the most time listening to this year. I’m quite fond of Amit Trivedi’s compositions in general and I thought this was a great year for him. I was watching Raid the other day for the first time and I thought that the background score was awesome.

    Song: Mere Naam Tu
    Stunning composition from Ajay-Atul with an equally stunning video. Also my hindi/urdu understanding isn’t really great (and I usually tend to focus on the instrumentation foremost in a song no matter the language) but a lot of the times when I read a translation of a song Irshad Kamil wrote I think it’s fantastic and this song is no exception.


    • I love the Manmarziyaan soundtrack as well. I didn’t like it as much before seeing the movie, but once I saw the songs in place and really paid attention to them (another thing to appreciate, Kashyap gave them full focused time to play in the film instead of burying them in dialogue) I can to appreciate them.

      I really like Mere Naam Tu also, and yet I don’t like any of the other songs on the soundtrack. Part of the reason I decided to do a soundtrack/song split, because it’s not fair for these really stand out songs to be hidden in the middle of a so-so soundtrack.


  2. I also vote for Manmarziyan for soundtrack…though Padmaavat is a close second (why is it not nominated?).
    For Song my vote goes to Ghoomar…though my second choice would be Chonch Ladiyan from Manmarziyan or Dilbaro from Raazi


    • I did the nominations by just looking through the wiki list of 2018 Hindi releases, and for me, Padmaavat was nothing special and neither was Ghoomar. But you can certainly right them in as choices! I only put in the shortlist to help folks (like me) who become paralyzed with indecision when they have no guidance.


  3. I’m not voting on this, just saying what I remember/like from the year. I recall the score and ambient sounds in Pari contributed a lot to its impact, and I quite liked the couple of songs in Raid. Ghoomar is a lovely song. Mere Naam Tu will be the song I remember from this year and which will stay in heavy rotation in my playlist. I also quite like Heer Badnaam and Duma Dam Mast Kalendar from Zero. Tanha Hua was used to great effect in the movie, but Ann Bann (the training montage song) was painful.


  4. Don’t know enough to comment on the soundtracks. Of these songs, I think the standouts for originality+composition+execution are:
    “Mere Naam Tu”
    “Naina De Kya Kasoor”

    Hard to pick, especially between “Mere Naam Tu” and “Naina De Kya Kasoor”, but I think I’ll give it to Andhadhun. Love the piano, and the voice, and all the different pieces to it. I love “Mere Naam Tu” too, and I’ve gotten it stuck in my head multiple times, but I’m not as crazy about the full version with the long violin instrumental in the middle.


    • Andhadhun is such an amazing movie all around that I forgot about the soundtrack until I stumbled across it separately. Such a different sound, being so piano heavy, and so fast yet complex, like the movie itself.


  5. Manmarziyaan hands down. But I keep hearing about Laila Majnu’s soundtrack too and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Mere Naam Tu is a beautiful song but it’s tied for me with Dyaanchand for me on this list. Especially because since I watched Gold, I got the reference! Though Daryaa is my favorite song on that soundtrack.


    • Yes, I was reading some “the best music” lists and Laila Majnu was on almost every one. I even started listening to the soundtrack, but it’s only reminds me that I can’t watch the movie and I can’t enjoy it.


    • I really like Dyaanchand. I liked Daryaa more within the film, it was very powerful. But listening to it without the images, I found it stuck with me less than Dyaanchand.


  6. It’s been a really slow year for songs this year. Many interesting arrangements this year, but didn’t make me want to listen on repeat.

    My personal favorites this year

    Bom Diggy
    A year later and ppl are *still* making up new dances for this song, for weddings receptions and for Bollywood aerobics. Catchy earwormy pop. It transcends the year, will be remembered for the decade, on the level of swag se swagat or the “mission impossible” song from badshah, not quite on the decade defining level as tumhiho or Sheila ki jiwani though.

    Nice musicality to this one. Fun to listen to as well as dance or exercise to.

    The slow song from Padmavaat.
    SLB is the only one in BW making the songs that pay homage to classical INDIAN music. This particular song makes me zen out and forget everything, as though I were in a spa.

    THE TRUMPET SONG… I don’t know my Hindi well enough to know the name or the movie. I thought it might be from Fanney Khan. Rather than being a reboot of an old song, it’s actually an original song (I think?) that’s composed in the authentic style of Retro Bollywood = 1960-1980, so it utilizes trumpets and rockabilly and jazz stylings. When I hear it, I imagine shammi kapoor or dev Anand strutting into the room.

    Ek do teen
    I know you hate it, but remove the music video, and you have an update that makes the song more relevant in the modern era in a light hearted way, without disturbing the core song all that much.

    Best soundtrack to listen or dance to
    STKTS, by a mile, in the old days I would have bought this album, and I used to buy only 1 album a year.
    VDW, runner up

    Best soundtrack from a musically creative standpoint
    Laila Majnu


    • Huh. Now you’ve got me thinking about “decade defining” songs. May have to do another post on that. You’re right, I can’t think of any off hand, even expanding back to 2017 and 2016. BDD comes closest.


  7. Manmarziyaan and Andhadhun soundtracks were good, I kept listening to them for weeks after I watched the films. Mukkabaaz also had a decent soundtrack (Extremely aggressive and fast paced).


  8. I’m always late to appreciate the music. It’s 2019 and I’m still listening to 2017 soundtracks. But if I have to vote, from hindi:
    Best soundtrack Manmarziyaan
    Best background score Andhadhun (I really enjoyed all this piano music)
    Non hindi:


    • How I could forget about #RX100 soundtrack? I have been listening to those songs for weeks. And the best song – definitely Inkem inkem inkem kaavaale from Geeta Govindam.


    • Well, at least Loveyatri was nominated for something. I would say that is a comfort to Aayush, but probably his brother-in-law managing to find him a second movie is even more of a comfort.

      On Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 2:48 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  9. We were listening to music in the car and I realized I hold a grudge against Bom Diggy Diggy because I want it to be this song and it’s not:


    • It’s a really great soundtrack. Considering it had so many composers, it feels remarkably cohesive.

      On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 2:00 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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