Trailers! More Ek Ladki Ko Dekha!!!! And Bandits

I am so excited about ELKD! Especially the more we get of the Anil/Juhi romance, because they are ADORABLE.

I am so excited about Ek Ladki! One thing that strikes me with this new song is how many layers the “I saw a girl” statement works on. There’s the (probable) meaning of Sonam being in love with a girl, a woman singing about a woman. And the version this trailer leans on, Rajkummar seeing and falling in love with Sonam. But there’s also the idea of everyone loving Sonam.

I’m not saying this right. In that moment when we see her performing for her family and everyone smiling at her, it hit me that, if this is a coming out story, part of it is going to be about how much her family loves her. How she is a girl that her father and the rest of the family already love, for herself, not just because she is their daughter. They know her as a vibrant individual person. And it is with that background, not family honor or position or what people will think, but being in love with her for herself, that she will be coming out to them.

Oh, and there’s also the possible meaning of “I saw a girl” being Juhi and Anil being the one who saw her. Oh my gosh that moment when they both get the giggles is so wonderful! And there is a little glimpse of Juhi and Rajkummar having dinner together. So I guess Juhi is his mother? And when Anil forces through the marriage no one wants between Rajkummar and Sonam, he and Juhi meet and start flirting? So delightful!

I’m ignoring all the political movies, so the only one left for me to use in a trailer post is Sonchiriya. Which is a pretty awesome trailer, I have to say!!!!! It has a very old-fashioned cowboy movie feel. Tough talk, shoot outs, sweeping visuals, lots of rolling into dusty small towns. Not much plot.

From what I can get from the trailer, in a dusty area where bandits rule, Ranvir Shorey and Sushant Singh Rajput are bandits (maybe rivals?). Bhumi Pednakar is a tough woman who loves her younger sister (daughter?). And Manoj Bajpayee (I think) is a police officer using the excuse of The Emergency to come in and clean things up.

It’s the same director as Udta Punjab, so I am looking forward to a lot of very good performances and exciting moments and a heartbreaking ending.

Oh, and here’s something interesting! Vishal Bhardwaj is doing the music! I don’t think he’s done music for a movie that wasn’t his own in ages. Oh no wait, he did the music for Carbon too down in Kerala. Huh. Such an odd combination, composer and director.


10 thoughts on “Trailers! More Ek Ladki Ko Dekha!!!! And Bandits

  1. I have mixed feeling about ELKDTAL. I’m excited that this movie seems different, and I like Anil-Juhi but at the same time there is Sonam, and I think it will be easy to spoil this story. In other words- I hope it’ll be good and succesful, but I would not go first day first show to see it.


    • Well, I’ll go first day-first show, so I can report back to you. I have high hopes myself, especially if it leans heavily on Anil and Rajkummar to support Sonam.


      • Ha! You made me realize why I feel nervous about this film – it’s not only Sonam, but Sonam, Rajkummar and Anil together. It reminds me about Fanney Khan. The movie looked good in trailers and I thought it will be nice because Anil looked good, and talked a lot how important this role is etc, but it was terrible.


        • Fanney Khan really was terrible but Rajkummar and Anil had good chemistry in their scenes together. So let’s hope for the best.

          What bothered me more about the video is that it made it seem like Sonam and Rajkummar were lovers until the very end. I get why it’s being promoted this way but still frustrating. The song itself is gorgeous.


          • I’m hoping for a recut version of the song video once the film releases that gives it the real meaning, instead of the hidden “nothing to see here” meaning.


        • I’ve yet to see Sonam actually ruin a movie, but I’ve seen Aish do that multiple times. So, I still have more hope than I did for Fanney Khan. Sonam has enough self-awareness, and too little industry power, to be given something really beyond her ability to play. At least, to the degree of Aish in Fanney Khan.


      • The benefit to it being Sonam instead of an actress like Radhika is that Sonam is a star kid and his starring in it with her dad who’s been a star for 30 years. It gives her a huge amount of cover from criticism that a newcomer just doesn’t have, plus the film won’t be marginalized or dismissed as alt cinema and not taken seriously.


        • I was thinking the same thing! It’s a good example of using privilege, instead of profiting by it. Does that make sense?

          On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 5:57 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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