Malayalam Review Scheduling Announcement: Malayalam Moved to Wednesdays, Tamil/Telugu to Thursdays, Parava This Wednesday

Really, the headline says it all. But I feel weird putting up a post that is just a headline, so I will talk a bit about the whys and wherefores and hopes for the future and all that.

As some of you have noticed (and many of you haven’t), I’ve pretty much stopped non-Hindi reviews since December. It wasn’t a conscious decision, it was just that life got over-whelming and busy and the non-Hindi reviews were the most time consuming to write, so I let them go.

But life is less over-whelming now, in some ways. I am in the process of dropping a church committee (woo-hoo!) meaning my church responsibilities will go down to one committee, two social groups, and teaching Sunday School every single week. Which is practically nothing.

And my boss is FINALLY thinking about hiring a new employee, which means I will have fewer days when I am sending emails and on the phone and instant messaging answers to other employees simultaneously and have no time to think about blog posts.

And of course, Christmas is over, no parties and presents and trips to plan for. So, I’ve got oodles of extra time!

But, what I’ve noticed is, Monday and Tuesday when I usually do my southern posts are really busy blog days. Plus it means I have to both watch the movies and write the reviews on the weekend, instead of having a little more time to work on them on weekday evenings. So why try to squeeze in movies and reviews on the same days that new trailers and box office figures and news items also tend to come out? Especially since those are also the two busiest days at my “real” job.

Instead, I am switching to Malayalam Wednesdays and Telugu/Tamil Thursdays. Monday and Tuesday will be my news post and box office days and any other random thing that occurs to me.

And this Wednesday, I will review Parava!!!! That movie about the kids and the pigeon racing that Dulquer had a small part in back in 2017 and I finally got around to watching this weekend.

I don’t know yet what I will review on Thursday. Maybe Petta, maybe Mirchi a second time (I might be watching it with a friend on Wednesday), maybe something entirely different. At the moment all I can promise is that I will be reviewing SOMETHING.


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