Songs! And Trailers! And Songs! Luka Chuppi, Total Dhamaal, ELKDTA

Oh boy, two more remixes. It’s getting kind of ridiculous. Oh, and also a new Ek Ladki trailer, which looks SAD.

Total Dhamaal continues to look not that good. When your one big song is a remix, that’s usually not a good sign. Especially if you have Madhuri as one of your leads and she barely dances in it. And the original version is SO MUCH FUN!!!! They can’t possibly compete.

See???? This is just bleh by comparison. And terribly unimaginative, it’s a movie about a chase for a treasure, so they picked a theme song called “Paisa Yeh Paisa”. And then it is just people in glitzy costumes mugging for the camera. No fun choreography, no super interesting sets, nothing compared to what is provided in the original version. I wouldn’t even be talking about it if it weren’t for Madhuri.

Speaking of remixes, here is another one! At least this one is a little imaginative. Still not as fun as the first version, but not necessarily trying to compete with it. This version is kind of stripped down, I think only one costume change, no big chorus behind them, it’s almost a statement on filmi versus not filmi songs, Kartik and Kriti are trapped in this fake-filmi world that isn’t as bright and elaborate as the real filmi world, trying to follow the paces. Oh, and I really like that it is an equal dance! Kriti and Kartik are doing the same steps in the same way next to each other.

But yeah, the original is SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!!! Really a reminder of how much bigger dances used to be. Poorer film quality, less camera movement, less editing, natural lighting, but so many more dancers, and so many more clever things down with the dancers. I love the bit where they have different colored costumes front and back.

And then we have the Ek Ladki trailer. BollywoodNewbie/Alisa was just mentioning in a comment that it could be a problem that the trailers are selling a happy family movie and it has this secret coming out storyline inside of it. This is the trailer that FINALLY hints at that dark part.

But, I hope, still indicates a happy ending. Since the big words they are using are “Family-Love-Acceptance”. And I am also wondering if maybe the reason for the whole “play” storyline is that Sonam is planning to come out through the play that Rajkummar wrote for her, and by forcing her family to sit down and watch and listen to her story, they come to accept her.

12 thoughts on “Songs! And Trailers! And Songs! Luka Chuppi, Total Dhamaal, ELKDTA

  1. Found this and thought you’d like it. It’s the ELKDTAL official trailer with commentary by Shelly Chopra Dhar. Its nice and doesn’t spoil anything, mainly technical, actor and how to feel stuff. Sorry for bombarding the comments with this movie, its just one I just can’t wait to watch!


      • You’re lucky to get it on the first day it comes! I will have to wait for the 6th when it comes to Finland. Thankfully it won’t be an early morning show in an art house anymore and I’ll be watching it in a big theatre close to home and it’ll be an evening show. Just have to stay away from spoilers till then from here and anywhere else, which will be agony.

        Oh and the big cinemas here are starting to show Indian films as well and show them as an option on their websites and all with some promotion for the really BIG ones!! I think since 2.0. the change came. Still only for a single day though and only big releases like normal, but then again I think they get the targeted Indian audience in the country better that way since they are a very small but growing minority here so it wouldn’t benefit them for keeping them longer than a day since everyone will come and see it on the first day without question.


        • Fascinating! I love hearing about new areas that Indian films are releasing. I bet you are right about the first day thing, if it’s heavily promoted and the audience is desperate enough, they will turn out for it.

          On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 5:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • 2.0 was heavily promoted at least in ads in YouTube and the internet here (if memory serves), but since then it seems only on the website in the oncoming films section is enough to at least take most of the seats in the cinema I’m going to. Also if they see nearly every film then then going to the previous film – that would be Manikarnika or maybe a southern movie, whatever was previously – they would see the trailer for the next one anyway and know to book their tickets for it. That’s at least my theorising of it.


  2. I have been so impressed with ELKDTAL’s promotional strategy. The first trailer just gave very mild hints about Sonam’s character and that got the people who were likely to pick up on those hints to praise it, while making sure to not get any ultra conservative/religious were not all riled up and did something drastic, like file FIRs or start mass protests. At the same time, they asked Anil and Sonam to conduct some interviews in very public platforms where they mention at least one support for LQBTQ. The trailer receives some good press – people especially loved the title. There is buzz about Sonam’s character being homosexual and the message being let love free. The news hasn’t reached the masses directly but with all this buzz it is reaching some of the masses indirectly, making them slowly comfortable and curious about the movie (but again not drastically revolt).

    Then the full-blown promotions start, and they release the second trailer a week before the release, which is much more clear about the story line. By this time more people are curious and it continues to receives praise. Finally one day before the release they put out a poster of Sonam hugging Regina with the tagline “Secret out on Feb 1st.” At this time, the elite are excited for the ground breaking film, and the masses are curious and at least willing to go watch it. Overall, I think it was all brilliantly done. I really hope the movie is as good as I hope it will be.


    • I agree, it was brilliantly done. And not just from a perspective of getting the film out, but getting the message out too. It’s not a film to make you angry or more entrenched in your opinions. It’s a nice happy family film that will ease you in by making you care about these characters. And it’s a film that is going to reach the masses, “normalize” it, not just make it another big issue film that only plays at film festivals.

      So excited to watch it!

      On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 2:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes!! They did such a nice job getting the message out and I really really hope it is a huge success and helps the masses become more comfortable with homosexuality.


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