Saturday Discussion Post: You Talk While I Sleep

I’m finally doing it, I’m catching up on my sleep. So many late nights this week! I am so excited to just sleep and sleep and sleep until I wake up.

So, what to talk about? Well, Gully Boy came out and I really liked it. Which doesn’t mean you will, you might hate it. You can discuss that!

Some person/thing/collective named Marshmello just released a video featuring and with a tribute to Shahrukh. It’s cute, but I have no idea what is happening in it. Help me!

And next weekend there are two movies coming out, place your votes now, should I see this one:

Or should I see this movie?


23 thoughts on “Saturday Discussion Post: You Talk While I Sleep

    • That’s what I want to do! But Dina wants to see the other one. On the other hand, I would be happier seeing Luka Chuppi by myself than the big scary bandit movie, so maybe I make that the Saturday matinee movie.

      On Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 10:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Go back to the TGIF post and think some more about your back-up husbands and affair husbands! There’s nothing productive you can do to make the situation better, so you might as well just take a mental health break.

        On Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 1:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • Yeah, this is one of those times when I stop reading twitter. I’ll come back in a few weeks or so, depending on how it goes. It’s just too ugly for me to handle.

      But Gully Boy is great! And a good antidote, sort of intelligent and aware of the problems of the world, but with the energy and faith that things can change.

      On Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 11:33 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  1. I think you should see both movies…I’m wondering about both of them. But I think Luka Chuppi will definitely be more fun. I just don’t think SSR can pull off this kind of role, but Bhumi looks like she will make an impact.


  2. I think you should see both movies…I’m wondering about both of them. But I think Luka Chuppi will definitely be more fun. I just don’t think SSR can pull off this kind of role, but Bhumi looks like she will make an impact.


  3. Planning to go and see Gully Boy tomorrow! Reviews have been excellent, and I flipped out when Will Smith and Michelle Rodriguez of shouted it out.

    I’ve been looking up a lot of Shraddha’s offscreen stuff recently, and she strikes me as whimsical and charmingly kooky. Here she is doing British and Russian accents within the first two minutes of this video:

    And this is her take on what Stree might sound like:

    I know not many people here are fans of her, but I’ve been itching to share this with somebody. As someone who enjoyed her in Haider, OK Jaanu and Stree, I say: Cast her in a comedy ASAP!


    • I like her onscreen in Baaghi, ABCD2, even Aashiqui 2. And I like her in her interviews, she seems like a nice person. But I still don’t think she can handle more complex roles! Although she’s getting better. And I appreciate how hard she works.


  4. I just finished watching Fashion and it is a head trip to watch Kangana and Priyanka together, each trying to out crazy-drama-queen the other.

    What don’t you understand about Marshmello? The boxes on their heads? I was counting on you to help identify all the dance scenes. I got KKHH and Chaiyya and Mohabbatein and obviously DDLJ. What was the white outfit? K3G?


    • Are they comedians or singers or what? Is this a song video for a new song or a youtube comedy bit? Is it their first video or are they familiar to people?

      And the clips are DDLJ, then Devdas, then Kuch Kuch, then Chaiyya Chaiyya, then Mohabbatein (with a Dabangg dance step, which is weird), then Pritam himself shows up hugs SRK with the mask on, and finally SRK is revealed.


      • Oh wow, I thought you were joking! I didn’t realize that you really didn’t know Marshmello. He’s arguably the biggest DJ in the world currently. He’s also a music producer and he has literally billions of views on youtube. He is very very popular. I think you may have missed out on some American pop culture due to your time being devoted to other media, hah.

        He has been a BW, mainly SRK fan, for many years and often posts about it on his twitter and he’s obsessed with Devdas for some reason. I remember him posting a few years ago about how he was going to India and really wants to meet SRK and someone tell him how to make it happen. He’s currently on a concert tour in India and released this song at the same time. I guess he also finally managed to find SRK and got him do the small cameo.

        He keeps himself anonymous with that head he wears. In the dance sequences it is him dancing to all the SRK dances. The joke was that SRK also comes wearing the Marshmello head and you have to wonder which one is the real one. Was SRK really Marshello the whole time? (Because Marshmello as a person is anonymous, get it? There’s been a lot of speculation about who he is by the media.) Then the gag ends as SRK takes the head off and introduces the real Marshmello.


        • Thank you! And yes, i really am that out of it.

          Exciting that shahrukh gets some international attention i just assumed this was an indian artist.


  5. Please, please, watch Kumbalangi Nights, people. It released outside of Kerala with subtitles this weekend, and is the type of movie that I’m sure people will still be talking about years from now. I think it’s slated for a 21 February release in the US too.


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