I’m Having a Sucky Day, How About You?

Well, I am feeling absolutely miserable and just trying to crawl through until spring. So I am going to vent a bit here, and then you are all going to say Cheerful and Encouraging things. And if it isn’t Cheerful and Encouraging, then I don’t want to hear it!!!! Dogs! Happy stories! Sunshine and Flowers!

It’s been snowing and overcast here in Chicago for about 24 hours. Which also means I didn’t leave my apartment or talk to another human being for 24 hours (NOT HEALTHY). This morning I dragged myself out because I had to go to a meeting at church, feeling all discombobulated and inhuman and weird and strangely weepy. And I made it down to the car, and promptly slipped on the snow and went BANG right on my sitting place, scattering everything in my purse into the snow.

It was not as cute and fun as it looks here, more painful and cold and shocking

Pulled myself up, gathered up all my stuff, put it in the car, grabbed the brush and started trying to clear off the car. Froze my hands, but finally got all the snow brushed off, got in, turned it on, and discovered the wipers are all weird again and not working (I think the snow and ice force them out of alignment and then they snag on each other).

See how perfect this is? Now, picture the two chorus lines kind of randomly bumping in to each other and everyone falling over and hitting their heads. That’s what my wipers are doing

Popped the hood, which you have to do in my car to get at the wipers, took off my gloves so I could do delicate fiddling, fiddled until I lost feeling in my hands and went to get back in the car, tripped and fell in the snow again, spraining my ankle.

Still not cute

Gathered up my stuff again, put it in the car, got back in, tried the wipers, even worse now. Cried a little, sent an email to church that I couldn’t make the meeting, got out of the car, took off my gloves again, tried to close the hood, at which point a nice neighbor came over seeing the hood up and offered help. Explained it to him, he looked at the wipers, said “yeah, these aren’t working”. But in a nice way. Closed up the hood, went back inside, called my sister to say “everything is awful!!!!” and she said I absolutely have to go outside and talk to people, even if it is just buying fresh fruit in the grocery store.

My relationship with my sister is nothing like this. Have Indian film people never met sisters?

Went to the grocery store, bought myself fruit and flowers, then kept walking down the street to the nice little sari and tailoring shop to ask them to fix the really nice silk salwar I bought online which is about 4-6 inches too narrow for me. They measured the salwar, it was 21 inches. And then they measured me, and I am 46 inches. Tried not to cry because I am TWICE AS BIG AS THE DRESS. And then remembered “oh right, they only measured one side, it’s actually 42 and I am 46, it’s fine”. But the seamstress who could really make the decisions wasn’t there, I have to come back at 3pm. Which, honestly, is probably really healthy for me, forcing me to get out of the house TWICE today instead of just once, both times while the sun is sort of shining (I can’t see it, but I am sure it is there somewhere behind all the clouds probably).

Suraj Hua WHERE?????

Then I came back to my apartment, joined in the church meeting by speaker phone and ate fresh cantaloupe and put my pretty flowers on the table and lit candles and stuff. And also finished my tax return (lost $300 on the website this year! No taxes, woo-hoo!).


And now I am writing this post while browsing on petfinder.com, because it has been a month since I lost Hazel and I have already sunk this far into “not leaving the apartment all weekend and then becoming seriously depressed”, I really need a dog. But I can’t get a dog today, BECAUSE MY CAR DOESN’T WORK. Oh well.

Dakota 1
Look at this little dog!!!! She’s available, and there’s a dog at the city pound that is all fat and friendly, and there’s another one that is small enough that the shelter found her in a flower pot, and I can’t get ANY of them today because my stupid wipers are broken!

Also, in case you were wondering, I have already scheduled my trip to a place with sunshine this year, I’m going to Oakland to visit a friend who moved out there, I just have to get it through 4 and a half more weeks of winter somehow.

At least I’m not in Iceland?

10 thoughts on “I’m Having a Sucky Day, How About You?

  1. In a flowerpot? That’s so cute! I wonder where else you could tuck a teeny tiny dog. Next time you get out you should check a few potential places – in your letterbox, under the mat…..


    • Isn’t it cute????? It’s at a humane society down on the south side, they said they found it hiding in the flowerpot when they opened in the morning. Which is sad, because it was a little doggie hiding in a flower pot for warmth. But also, cute!

      On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 2:10 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Oh yeah, I got that! If I get that dog, I will promise a series of adorable photo shoots. Perhaps a dresser drawer? Or a trash can?

          On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 2:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’m sorry you’re having a bad day with horrible ice and snow created accidents! 😦 Booo!!! And I hope you’ll be able to get a pup soon! I can’t have dogs in my current place, but I’m looking after a friend’s pup at her house for a couple of weeks, and it’s SO much fun! (Probably slightly more fun because I also don’t have to pay for any vet visits and just get to hang out with the fluffy beast for two weeks.)

    Hugs and I hope your ankle is better soon! (Remember to RICE it.)


    • My ankle isn’t that bad, just a little sore. Just sore enough that I have to be careful with it and I am that much more likely to twist it and fall again.

      But I’m still making myself go out again at 3pm! I’m not going to stay inside all day until I start to think the rest of the world has all died and it is just me alone in my apartment!

      On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 2:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. You see, so many positive things! You’re not living in Iceland (bet, they don’t have cinemas where you can regularly watch Indian movies). You communicated with a caring neighbour, your sister, with someone in the store, with the women in the dress shop. You got fresh fruits and FLOURS.
    And the wipers doesn’t work to hinder you to drive to the church…maybe you would have met with a much bigger accident than spraining your ankle…
    Warm hug from Germany 🙂


    • Thank you! You are right, I got to talk to the nice people in the world and eat fruit and I have flowers, and if I had been able to drive I could have ended up skidding along the roads in my car instead of on my feet. And I only have to get through a month and then I can go to visit my nice friend and get sunshine. And then a month after that it will be really really spring even in Chicago. And somewhere in there I will get to get a dog.

      On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 2:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I’m sad that you are having such a bad day:( And belated sympathies on the loss of Hazel. She was a super sweet pup. Hopefully you will find another dog soon that will bring you the same joy!

    I’m just having one of those “I hate Sundays because they go too fast” kind of days. I’m watching Shammi’s Prince right now and it is spectacular and so much fun. I think the Technicolor era of Bollywood and the silly antics of Shammi are one of my favorite things in classic Bollywood.

    I also discovered that humidifiers really do make a difference! I’ve been to lazy to properly clean my humidifier that I got last winter and so have been suffering from a series of sore throats and colds this season. Have it up and running today and already feel so much better!


    • Ever since the super freeze lead to a radiator leak, I’ve had one of my radiators off. Which makes the apartment much much less dry, but also a tad chilly. I think it’s a fair trade off, not nearly as many coughs and running noses, and I just have to put an extra blanket on the bed.

      On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 4:59 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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