Plan for the Day!!!!

Okay, thanks to the late night burst of interest, I have to see Kumbalingi Nights. Part of the reason I wasn’t planning to is that the last 3 times I made an effort to see a Malayalam film in theaters, no one was able to see it and discuss on the review, but I guess that’s not a problem this time! But this means my day suddenly becomes quite complex. Let me see if I can lay it out for you.

Okay, wake up early, try to go back to sleep, fail. Check! Done!

Should have tried listening to this song

Then, since I’m up early anyway, put my coat on over my pajamas and take two loads of cardboard boxes down to the car for the recycling center.

All these boxes, but broken down so they take up less space

Then come back inside, try to sleep again, fail.

Okay, now I am up-UP! Shower, get dressed, write this post real quick. And get dressed pretty, with make-up and everything because it is a Big Day.

Just like this, but not

Then hop in the car, find an open recycling center, get coffee.

Image result for shahrukh khan coffee

Continue on to church, teach Sunday School (lesson about Puppy Mills with a “It’s Not Cool to be Cruel” word search!).

Cool Daddies aren’t Cruel Daddies

Then, go straight from church the Chicago Animal Care and Control center, pick up a dog.

Slushie 1
Maybe this dog!

Back home, take pictures of the dog for you all, go “who’s a good dog? who’s a good dog?”, take it for a walk and give it early dinner, then lock it in the hallway with a bed and water and go off to see Kumbalingi Nights.

Image result for kumbalangi nights

Watch the movie, come back home, take the dog for another walk and see how it did with the couple hours alone, and go to bed.

Maybe sing this lullaby to the dog

This is a good plan, right? And I have lipstick and mascara on so the dog will have a good impression of me. And if there are no good dogs at all, I can just go to the earlier show of the movie. Or if I get nervous at the last minute and decide today is not Dog Day, then I can just go straight to the movie.

Image result for kumbalangi nights

And if the dog really doesn’t seem okay being alone, I can skip the movie. But probably it will be fine, and even good to do a test run leaving it alone for a couple hours to see how it does.

What do you think? Is this a decent plan?


9 thoughts on “Plan for the Day!!!!

  1. The subtitles in the theater where I watched Kumbalangi Nights were not up to the mark and didn’t do a good job of translating some of the nuances and references in Malayalam. Not that I was actively looking at the subtitles but whenever I read the subtitles,they seemed inadequate.But again some of the non Malayalis seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m feeling compelled to warn you knowing you made this plan after reading the comments and the efforts u r making to watch this movie.


  2. New dog! That’s so exciting!!

    As to the subtitles, I can’t completely judge, but when I saw it I appreciated that the English subtitles noted when a character was quoting a famous dialogue. It’s the same screen writer as Mayanadhi, and the “Sex is not a promise” line is quoted and noted “from a famous movie”

    Also, when the characters are watching a movie in a theater it’s Arjun Reddy, which I did not get because they didn’t subtitle the movie dialogue and didn’t really show the screen. They were subtitling the characters instead, but now knowing it’s Arjun Reddy — what happens is definitely a dis and a commentary on the type of love story in Arjun Reddy. My viewers let me know about that scene.

    I saw the movie Friday and I really liked it! My review:


    • Oh you missed this! Dog Hazel got sick last month and I had to put her down very suddenly. Now I’ve had a month and a half of being sad and dogless and I am ready to start looking again.

      On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 8:12 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Oh no I didn’t know about it I’m so sorry that’s really sad .I pray for Hazel “May her Soul rest in peace” . btw The dog in the picture looks like a good dog based on the expressions it is giving.


    • Here is the post where I explained it, I chose to think of it as my getting to give Dog Hazel the best possible 8 months of her life to make up for the horrible sad life she had before.

      On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 9:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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