Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening To the First Day of Lent

Happy (?) Ash Wednesday! Or as I thought of it as a child “that day all my friends got a thing on their forehead and I felt left out” (I grew up in a very Catholic neighborhood).

I’ll start!

Reading: Not much. Kind of a stressy week, and I have a dog now which kills my free time.

Watching: Skipping through Modern Family still. I’m slowed down because the library doesn’t have all the DVDs available, so I am watching random seasons based on what is on the shelf. Kind of an odd time lapse experience, seeing all the kids age and then shrink down again.

Thinking: Still no dog name! The problem is I am letting this dog be named by committee and I am trying to please everyone. I need to just take a stand and risk offending someone in my life instead of looking for that one perfect name. But it’s so HARD!

Listening: Posting the review on Sunday has gotten me back into the Aashiqui 2 soundtrack.

Now, question for you! In honor of the start of Lent, What actor and/or song would you choose to best represent the 7 sins? Or any one of the 7 if you can only think of one? I’ve got ideas for some of them, but not all of them.


Shahrukh. I mean, this song?

Envy: Hrithik

Lust: Emraan

But what about Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, and Anger? Who/what can represent them? Or are their better choices for the sins I already fixed?


57 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening To the First Day of Lent

  1. Nothing much to report. But I watched a few episodes of Mirzapur and thought it was, as many critics described, it a Gangs of Wasseypur/Kashyup gangsterland rip-off. Sacred Games is a thousand times better. Ali Faizal’s body building for this role does not suit him though he plays the part really well. Vikrant Massey continues to impress in the meek but deep character. And Pankaj Tripathi is the best part. All of the women characters are awful…Sweta Tripathi has a possibly interesting character arc (but I won’t watch anymore).

    Also tried watching the other Amazon Prime show Four More Shots, Please and the first ten minutes were so laughably bad that I turned it off immediately. So trying to be the edgy Mumbai version of Sex and the City and it’s so cringeworthy.

    Really looking forward to Zoya and Reema’s Made in Heaven this weekend on Amazon Prime…early reviews seem good and I trust their content.

    I mentioned that I’d watched both Happy Bhag Jayegi films and enjoyed them more than I thought I would. But overall, I’m really in a movie dessert right now…no ambition to watch any of the Oscar winners though I did watch Can You Ever Forgive Me? this past weekend. It’s boring as hell and that’s saying something since the story is closely related to my professional world and you’d think I’d be interested in it!, but Richard E. Grant’s clever performance couldn’t save it.

    I’m still (not) patiently waiting for Namaste England and Veere Di Wedding to appear somewhere where I can watch them. Also still waiting for Mulk and some other 2018 films to finally be out on streaming.

    Planning to go see a movie this weekend in the theaters with my Indian movie buddy. She wants to see Total Dhamaal I think and I would prefer to see Luka Chuppi…we’ll see what happens. I’d be happy with either I guess. Just glad that I have someone to see the new releases with in the theater and she’s up for going at least once a month!


    • Wow, tons of typos…”movie desert” definitely not a “movie dessert”! And for some reason I keep hitting enter before I type out my whole name:)


    • And Kedarnath, too! When will it be streaming? I wish there was a list of streaming release dates. Katie Gibson’s blog does a great job of keeping us informed of when they pop up on streaming, but there’s no upcoming streaming release date list.


      • Oh, booo! I think I see what is happening. It’s the same thing that was going on with Hotstar. Zee5 (the streaming site) is moving into America, and has already gotten a stranglehold on the American rights for certain films, without having opened up the American website yet. I had months of cursing Hotstar for pulling Bangalore Days and other films from googleplay and Amazon and everywhere else, and then finally opened and I got access to those films.


        • That’s exactly what is happening. I’ve been following this on twitter and also just saw that all five of the films I’m waiting for (Batti Gul…the Shahid film, too) are on Zee5. They better come out with a beautiful app! But now this means if I want to be seeing things the minute they drop that I need to have Netflix, Amazon, Eros, Hotstar, and Zee5 (eventually). I hope ErosNow disappears at some point…I think that old fashioned distributors like them are kind of being eclipsed by the strait to digital world and their interface sucks. I think of the three homegrown sites only ErosNow and Zee5 are producing original content, but Hotstar also has the Star content going for it, like KwK. And Hotstar has better regional content, I’d say.

          Zee5 keeps saying they’ll be in the US soon…I bet besides building excitement, they are also figuring out paying FEC fees or something, right? I wonder if they’d also partner with Amazon like Eros has.

          This is all another reason to cut the traditional cable cord and focus on very curated subscriptions. But the cost will go up quickly, especially if the DVD market drops out completely and you have to rely on them.


          • It’s really killing me with the non-Hindi content. I don’t bother with an Eros subscription, because most of their stuff is available through regular Amazon Prime. Hotstar is an absolute must because they have so much, and it isn’t available anywhere else. Add in Netflix and the really decent selection on googleplay and (besides the Zee5 gaps), I am set for Hindi. But the non-Hindi has another 4-5 channels, and they are not very well organized, and at least 70% of their stuff doesn’t have subtitles. I’ll pay for subscriptions, discover what I wanted has no subtitles, and then can’t figure out how to cancel. I’m honestly not even sure what all I am paying for there. More and more if it is non-Hindi and not on Prime, Netflix, or Hotstar, I am just not watching it. If there was one central well-organized channel with good subtitles, I would definitely sign up, but there just isn’t.

            On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 10:14 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I haven’t gotten to see a movie in theaters with MY theater buddy in ages. She keeps having work, or the weeks she is free there is no new movie for us to watch.

      I will trust you to check out Made in Heaven for me and let me know if it is worth it!


      • Watched the whole nine episodes of Made in Heaven already. I highly recommend it! This one and Sacred Games (along with my early fav of the Indian streaming content, TVF’s Tripling) are the best of the digital content for sure! I loved Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur in the lead roles. By the end both are extremely compelling characters with arcs that still have interesting direction to go in. And all of the cameos are very fun, some more memorable than others, and the last one was really sweet and so well done. Jim Sarbh and Kalki Koechlin are well cast but also seem like they are in their own completely different show at times. I’m kind of hoping they won’t be in the second season…too distracting. Sometimes I’m not sure that either of them are very good actors really…but they are memorable in any role. Vijay Raaz has one of the best small roles that I hope becomes bigger in the next season. Not sure if you’ve read the reviews, but the way they tackle the social issues in it is really well done!

        Also saw Luka Chuppi today! Very cute time-pass film. Still don’t like Kartik Aryan much though. Can’t figure out the charm. Kriti was fine and my favorite part of the whole thing was the running gag about the middle brother and then the nephew’s blackmail. The music was kind of mundane though.


        • Oh boy! I am half excited about watching something good, and half grumpy about having to find time for something new. But then, I really really love that cast, so it is probably worth it.

          Yaaaay, you saw Luka Chuppi! Yeah, the family humor from Karthik’s side is the funnest bit, I wish there had been more time for it. And I really really wish that the middle brother had gotten a happy ending. Surely it would have been easy to write in some nice woman next door for him?

          On Sat, Mar 9, 2019 at 7:26 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Indian mid sections intrigue me. Not in a “Ew” way, but I’m jealous of the cute female belly buttons above the sarees, and totally mesmerized by the male six-packs. I know there are scores more to choose from, but I’d like to nominate Rani Mukerji in Aiyyaa for Lust because she HAS to have Prithviraj. And Ali Zafar in Teefa in Trouble for Greed because he HAS to have money (and Lust, too, just because he’s gorgeous). Come to think of it, Ali has a dream sequence in that film where he personifies a good selection of the Seven Deadlies.


  3. I prefer “I’m the Best” from PBDHH for Pride. And you can get it in both the male and female versions! Though I think SRK’s is more prideful, while Juhi’s is more playful.


    • I was thinking about that too! I opted for Baadshah, because the song itself is prideful, plus in reality it is Shahrukh producing a movie titled after his prideful real life nickname.

      On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 11:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Reading–too much about politics as usual.

    Thinking–grateful that money and health issues seem to be manageable for now.

    Watching–tons of filmi interviews: Anupama and Shah Rukh with Anu, with Alia, and on his own, Anupama and Ranbir, Anupama and Saif, and Rajeev and Kajol–the best interview I’ve seen with her outside of some of the Dilwale promotions. I’m trying to resist watching Finding Neverland and Lorena because I know they will just depress me and confirm my worst beliefs about people, especially men. Will probably see Captain Marvel this weekend, still haven’t seen Gully Boy.

    Enjoying Amitabh and Shah Rukh’s promotional videos for Badla–they’re an awkward mix of staged interview and skit, but also fun. Appreciating Taapsee’s bits too.


    • I’m grateful for you too! About the money/health stuff.

      Why is Kajol giving interviews? What is she promoting? Is it Taanaji already?

      On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 1:04 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • No idea. The interview came out a few weeks ago I think, and I just got around to watching it. The theme is “films that have defined her career” and Rajeev does a nice job. She for once is pretty chilled out and thoughtful.


    • Probably not, the non-Indian made but Indian-set films tend to irritate me no end. I’m happy for Jim, but I hope he stays in India so we can keep seeing him in awesome random parts like Raabta.

      On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 1:17 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I’m definitely going to see it whenever it pops up on streaming. Michael Winterbottom’s Jude is one of my top 10 films of all time. It’s depressing as hell (so is the book!), but I’ve always thought that Winterbottom makes interesting choices in subject. He’s also done Trishna based on Hardy’s Tess but transported to India with Freida Pinto.

      I think that Jim Sarbh seems like one of those actors that is very clued into the international cinema scene. I think it’s a product of his education and stage acting in the States. I still wish that he had been cast as Freddie Mercury and that Bohemian Rhapsody was a film I could be excited about seeing someday.


  5. There have to be so many listless, disaffected young man characters for Sloth.

    Watching: two more romcoms in a row, I Hate Love Storys and Love Breakups Zindagi. The second much better than the first but both silly enough that I might be off romcoms for a while. Which is good, I needed to mix it up. So then I just watched Rang de Basanti. In the beginning I was thinking Aamir is so over the top, he does this a lot, how does he get so much acting props? But then he does those couple really heartbreaking scenes and he’s so sincere and real. Also was fascinated by how they threaded the needle of making a film about revolutionary martyrs without going full nationalist or anti-British but more a pox on all your houses, if anyone is going to fix this we’ll have to do it ourselves. For some reason at the end I was thinking of Pump Up the Volume – must be the radio – and wondering if this is one of those generational movies like that one was.

    Sorry, rambling, brain still mushy from work this week.

    Reading: Two Roads by Joseph Bruchac, also for work but so good! A boy and his father, Depression era but with unique elements of WWI vets and hoboes and American Indian boarding school.

    Thinking: having to plan out summer already, nice to be thinking about warm weather and summer camp and vacation.


    • Really? You liked Love Breakups Zindagi better than I Hate Luv Storys? I liked them both, but I found IHLS so much more finished looking, with stronger performances and a tighter script. Even though the characters were less likable than LBZ. Also, fun fact if you haven’t run across it, dia and Zayed produced LBZ together and are best friends in real life.

      Love your idea for sloth! Those characters are THE WORST.

      RDB is definitely a generational movie. At least, I think so, from the outside of India looking in. It had a big effect on the young people who were alive at the time, inspired a series of protests at India gate (the first one being for Jessica Lal), there’s even a documentary on the impact it had. And you are so right about Aamir!!!!! In RDB, I think, it works perfectly because he is playing that cool guy who doesn’t want to grow up who would have a lot of affectations. But as the movie goes on, his affectations strip away and he reveals more and more his “true” self.

      I’m going out of town in two weeks and I have made no plans at all and I really need to get on that! But, of course, it’s fun planning.

      On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 11:26 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I kept getting bored at I Hate Luv Storys. I can see why you see it as more polished and tightly scripted, the plot seemed very purposefully planned. But it was too obvious for me, it felt like being hit over the head, and I liked Imran OK but lacking that extra oomph. Sonam also fine but a bit flat. In Love Breakups Zindagi I really liked Dia and I liked Zayed, plus their relationship had a bit more believable tartness to it that wasn’t two-dimensional character type or situational boss/peon. But mostly all the friends are what did it for me. Except for the lead up to last scene where the friends convince Zayed to go after Dia, that part felt forced and goofy. The ending was my least favorite part, another heroine who can’t decide for herself.

        Interesting about RDB, thanks. It feels like such a different moment now – but what do I know…


        • Yeah, the ending of LBZ is really lame. But I loved the game night scene, and the Shahrukh cameo was perfect.

          On Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 9:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I watched a Telugu thriller Neeevaro starring Tapsee in a badass role and Aadhi Pinishetty who is such a good actor. Also Malayalam movies- Mikhael starring a super chubby,out of shape Nivin Pauly(I m scarred forever and never getting the cute Nivin Pauly image back)in a very very very very stupid movie,Ente Ummante Peru which was nice enough but shows Tovino’s lack of skill for natural acting. He has been doing these dark brooding roles for so long that his effort while trying to ‘act’ natural stands out. Dulquer or Nivin would have been a better for this movie.


  7. Talking about handsome Malayali guys, I think Sunny Wayne is hot. But I’ve never seen his movies, and I decided I must watch one. As I have also a thing for bad movies, I chose Appavum Veenjum. The movie has not wikipedia page, and only 3,7 rating at IMDB. I was tempted, and I started watching, because it can’t be that bad, right? Well it is bad, I only saw one scene and couldn’t go on because it was terrible. The sound was strange, and Prathap Pothen was unwatchable. And now I’m thinking how they could release a movie with so many defects (all exposed from the first minutes). Haven’t they watched this film?


    • But Sunny Wayne has been in so many good movies! I would vote for Annmariya Kalippilannu or Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal.

      On Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 10:22 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes, I know! I remember your review of Mosayile.. but isn’t it a little boring? I need a movie with some action, that’s why I thought a movie about infidelity, and people shooting will be fun.
        Annmariya Kalippilannu has been on my list for years, I think it’s time to watch it finally.


    • Haha I’ve tried watching it too Angie! It had a nice song and so I thought it can’t be a terrible movie. But it was soooo bad, and Sunny trying to romance Ramya Krishnan is so hilarious! He really needs to get better at romance.


  8. Here is my nomination for Sloth:

    Which, in case it doesn’t work, is Kya Karoon? from Wake Up Sid. And then I couldn’t think of anything else. But yay, my idea!

    Still haven’t seen much of anything, Indian or non-Indian. It’s been a dumpster fire over here. But this weekend I see Pad Man in the theater!


  9. To put it simply: my focus the previous days was – and my focus for the next days will be – Badla…oh, oh, I’m so single-minded ;-))


    • Oh dear! I was going to put off watching it until tomorrow, but if it is your focus, maybe I should rush around and try to watch it tonight?

      On Fri, Mar 8, 2019 at 1:29 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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