Thursday Tamil ReRun Announcement: Vettai on 4/11!!!! Do You Want to See Maddy in a Police Uniform for 3 Hours? Of Course You Do!

Next Thursday, Vettai! It’s on Netflix now, it has Maddy in cuddly teddy bear mode dressed in his little police uniform, it’s got a couple of really great songs, the heroines are fun and strong, and there’s also Arya who I am supposed to find the sexy dangerous hot hero, but I don’t, because Maddy is there.

Vettai! Arya and Maddy play brothers, Maddy is sweet and gentle and cowardly, Arya is angry and strong and brave. Maddy joins the police, complications ensue, it’s light-hearted and fun and has two nice little romances (one for each brother), and good fight scenes, and a great wedding song!

Watch it! And then join in the comments on my reposted review on Thursday, 4/11.


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