Monthly Reminder to Promote Me! You Were Doing So Good For a Few Days There, and Then it Stopped

Oh boy, time for my monthly pitiful beg for referrals! Which is not fun for me at all, and is probably not fun for you either. Oh well, we all have to take our medicine.

Last month, you all did so good! You tweeted some of my posts and said “check this out, this is cool”. And bing-bang-boom, I got 4 new regular commentators and my views increased by about a third again.

And then that lasted about 3 days and went away again. Not my new regular commentators, you are all here and lovely. But the referrals. And this, sadly, is why I have to put up the posts every single month. It kind of kick starts you all, and then your life gets busy and you forget, so I have to remind you.

If you are going to retweet me, don’t just retweet, add a comment like “I really liked this because of blank-blank”. And maybe direct it towards people you know who might be interested.

If you are reading a review or something else that reminds you of me, take a minute and add a comment if possible directing people towards my related post (still getting 20 referrals a month off the one person who mentioned me in a comment on Bardwaj Rangan’s Arjun Reddy review).

You can do this because I ask you to and you like me, but you can also do it because you want me to keep writing and you want more people to keep finding me. Do your little bit to level the playing field against the paid bots that promote the mainstream media that spends more time and money on ad campaigns than content! Keep original thought in the world!

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