I Had a Busy Saturday!

Well, this was a weird day! Sorry about the lack of posts, I’ve got a De De Pyaar De spoiler review I’ve been trying to finish all day. It will go up sometime.

Remember how my eye got all weird all of a sudden yesterday? It wasn’t just the eye, one side of my face swelled up too. I went to De De Pyaar De anyway, because it seemed better than staying home poking at my face. And then I went to bed. Woke up, eye totally normal, face still swollen and weird feeling. Now, here is where I made my mistake!!!! I took an antihistamine. Which worked, in that it reduced the swelling a bit and made the matching headache go away. But did not work, in that I have a very strong reaction to antihistamines and immediately got so tired that I had to go back to bed and had a really hard time getting myself to wake up again, plus felt vaguely sort of disconnected and fuzzy headed.

Smiling off center face photo. Can you even see which side is swollen? Here’s a hint, it’s the side where the bags under my eyes are convex instead of concave.

And then I went to doggie class and then met up with a friend who was in town for one day only and then I hung out with her for like 7 hours and it was amazing and somewhere in there the antihistamine wore off and my face felt weird again but my brain cleared up.

Unsmiling head on photo, I think it’s a little clearer which side is messed up, right?

I just got back from driving her back to her hotel (sad!) and now I am writing this quick place holder post so I get at least something up today, and then attempting to finally finish off De De Pyaar De. And considering whether I take another antihistamine now, right before bed when I won’t be operating heavy machine or anything.

Oh right, and somewhere in the middle of those 7 hours of hanging out, I think we figured out what probably happened to my face, based on my having a sudden allergic reaction hours after having eaten anything and only on one side of my face, and having touched nothing besides what was in my office with me. Albie Dog rolled in something (he really did, I watched it happen), I petted him, and then poked my finger in my eye and on that side of my face, my eye watered like crazy and got whatever that thing was out of it but my face is still reacting. Albie Dog feels maybe a little guilt for introducing an irritant onto my skin/eye?

2 thoughts on “I Had a Busy Saturday!

    • Oh, Albie is definitely cuter! Although I am grateful for my naturally puffy cheeks today, since it makes the swelling look normal.

      On Sun, May 19, 2019 at 7:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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