Sunday ReRun Announcement: Notebook! The Sweetest Nicest Prettiest Happiest Little Romance, Review on 6/9

I am going to give you all a gift! This is a movie that is just pure joy, happiness in a little Amazon Prime package. You should all watch it, and then thank me.

Really, I cannot oversell this movie. It’s just Nice. A nice hero, a nice heroine, a nice village, nice little kids, nice songs, and a nice message. And also a fight scene! Just for fun. Oh, and it’s on Amazon Prime (watch out, Prime subtitle issues abound, but if you use a computer instead of a smart TV or tablet, it is usually okay).

Much of this movie is watching little kids with funny faces goof around in school. It’s SO HAPPY.

8 thoughts on “Sunday ReRun Announcement: Notebook! The Sweetest Nicest Prettiest Happiest Little Romance, Review on 6/9

  1. I watched this in theaters on a discount Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Yet another film that good poor or mixed reviews, and I cannot see why. Again I think it’s expectations vs reality, rather than looking at what’s on-screen.

    The two leads are charismatic and good actors and dancers. The kids carry a great deal of the emotional heft of this film, so they need to know how to act, and act they did.

    On the big screen the cinematography really shines. The feeling of this houseboat school being isolated on the water gives it a sense of peace, fantasy, and idealism, like a respite from real life, and that is supported and buoyed by the cinematography.


    • This one puzzles me, because what were they expecting? It sold itself as nice little romance with two newcomers, and that’s exactly what it was. Sometimes it feels like films are now expected to be something that can’t possibly exist, that doesn’t exist int he real world. Like faulting an object for being in 3 dimensions instead of 5.


      • I agree, this is one where I feel that they made exactly the film they wanted to make.

        Also, there might be a trend among critics and reviewers of fundamentally not liking film, or not liking Indian film, or not liking Indian film stylings (song and dance, for example). My opinion is that you shouldn’t be reviewing a category of film, restaurant, whatever, unless you genuinely like that category. Why review horror films unless you like horror films? Why review Mexican restaurants if you don’t like Mexican food? There is a particularly masochistic or self loathing quality to so many of these negative reviews.


        • Yes, agree. So many reviews read like “I don’t like this Indian film because it isn’t an American film”. The complaints about nonsensical plots, happy endings, characters with no depth, and so on and so on, that’s just what the films are. And it’s training the audience to feel the same way, Indian film style is “bad” just because of what it is. So strange.

          On Thu, Jun 6, 2019 at 6:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Finally Netflix has Notebook! I’ve waited patiently and been rewarded. Sandwiches for Sunday dinner in front of the TV.
    Now, please all you Indian gods and goddesses, stream Vikram Vedha and Aurangzeb (with the right subtitles) FOR FREE!
    I know I sound cheap, but I refuse to pay for what I’m already paying for. BTW, Hotstar responded promptly to my question about English subs: Yes. We provide English subs. Well, mostly we do, but not always. There’s no guarantee. Hmmm….
    So then I inquired about subs in Italian, my primary, or Darija (vernacular Moroccan Arabic), my secondary, and French, my very poor third language.Their answer? Yes, absolutely to all three.
    Can that be right?


    • Nope, not Netflix for Notebook. Just Prime, follow this link:

      If the subtitles don’t work on your TV, try watching on a laptop instead.

      Hotstar is the best with subs, but still not perfect. All the new releases they offer have really good subs in a whole variety of languages (which is better than the other streaming services). But, for instance, I wanted to watch Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega, a flop 2000 film with Salman and Rani and Preity. They don’t have any subs on that. So, the popular new stuff, 100%. But the stuff that’s just kind of there to fluff up their library, half and half.

      They seem to have the least subtitles for Hindi, I suspect because they started with Hindi and have had those films the longest. But with Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam they were able to be picky and only take things with subtitles. Even the older obscure southern stuff tends to have subs.

      On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 12:41 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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