Upcoming Reviews! Imtiaz Ali Fest! Love Aaj Kal on Friday, Socha Na Tha on Sunday

I’m on vacation, and who does vacation better than Imtiaz Ali? So, two movies for you all to watch and then talk about with me! Or have already watched and remember so well you don’t need to rewatch them. Either way!

Love Aaj Kal! The Imtiaz Ali movie that doesn’t have the raw originality of his first film Socha Na Tha, or the mature depth of his most recent film Jab Harry Met Sejal, but is still….fine. It’s got a relationship between a man and woman who grow and mature equally over the course of the story, it’s got fun travelogue sections, it’s got great songs, and it has the kind of deep performances Imtiaz can pull out of his actors. And it has charming Saif Ali Khan, if that’s your dish. Oh, and it’s available for rent on every services. Watch it before Friday 6/14 and then we can talk about it together!

And then there’s Socha Na Tha. This movie came out while I was in college and I watched it pretty early on in my Indian film journey (year 2 or 3), thought it was cute and a little different. And then I watched more and more movies and learned that it was A LOT different. Imtiaz announced himself right from the start as very quietly different. It’s a movie that is cute on the first watch, deep on the second watch, and brilliant on the third watch. Oh, and it’s on Netflix. And also legally for free on youtube. And it has a great soundtrack. Watch it before 6/16 and join in the fun with me!


8 thoughts on “Upcoming Reviews! Imtiaz Ali Fest! Love Aaj Kal on Friday, Socha Na Tha on Sunday

  1. After an exhausting day of sightseeing with visiting relatives (do you know it takes ten minutes to cross a Manhattan street?) I managed to watch the first half of Socha Na Tha last night. I paused it when Abhay finally proposes to the skinny girl. (BTW, how come he sticks with her for three years? She’s got nothing far as I can see.)
    I love the movie so far. Abhay Deol is an adorable revelation and extremely skilled in his debut role. I’d love to know his backstory; his training, how he got this break, etc. and why he chose to step away from the treadmill. I’m sort of glad he did. Mega stardom can be a prison if you haven’t got the stamina for it. I’m looking forward to watching the last half of the film and to Sunday’s discussion.


    • Ooo, I should do a Deol family 101!

      Abhay is Dharmendra’s nephew. Dharmendra was a major major star in the 70s and has helped launch two of his sons, one of his daughters, a nephew, a stepgranddaughter, and his actual grandson’s launch is coming up. Their family policy seems to be “I will give you one small film to get you started, but after that you are on your own”. Kind of like my parents paying my first month’s rent after I graduated college. That’s the whole reason Socha Na Tha happened, they found a good small script and a struggling first time director who would make a film on the cheap to give Abhay his start.

      The Deols are known as the beefcake and action family, super macho and super sexy. Although Dharmendra’s younger son Bobby also did a few light love stories. Abhay got his launch with this movie, and used the Deol last name, so everyone was ready for another sexy macho hardworking acton Deol. But instead, he pulled back. He hasn’t done a single action role, and right from the start has picked really really interesting movies. He also has worked with a lot of interesting directors, kind of using his name and modest fame to help them get noticed. He was in Reema Kagti’s first movie, Dibaker Banerjee’s first film to get noticed, also Anurag Kashyap’s. He’s had a couple of roles that just blew people away with his acting, Manorama Six Feet Under (Chinatown inspired mystery), Dev D (reimagining of Devdas), Oye Lucky Lucky Oye (odd brilliant conman movie). In his personal life, he had a long time girlfriend but they broke-up a couple years back. He keeps himself to himself and doesn’t really seek out publicity. That’s the Deol way, they are very very private. I don’t think there is even a photograph of Dharmendra’s first wife. Abhay is close to his female cousins, Dharmendra’s daughters, that’s the only stories I really see about him.

      On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 8:05 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Good. I have had Socha na tha on my watchlist like for years, and there was always some problem: first the movie was hard to find, then there weren’t subs, later I was going to see it but the quality was very bad etc. Now, thanks to the link you posted maybe I will watch it. Can’t wait!


    • Oh, I really really think you will like it. The hero changes his mind a lot, but he has a nice soft body, and he spends a lot of time gazing.

      On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 8:44 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. For the longest time, I thought Kaatru Veliyidai was played by Abhay Deol. Karthi and Abhay Deol do lookalike, or is it just me?


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