Upcoming Review Announcement! Hrithik Week in Honor of Super 30!

Well, this should be fun! I’ve already reviewed a bunch of Hrithik movies, almost all of them, mostly because he just doesn’t make that many movies. There’s a couple others I haven’t reviewed yet that I know well enough I can write the reviews by memory. And I’m gonna be celebrating my mother’s birthday this weekend, so I may not be able to see Super 30 until who-knows-when. In the meantime, these should keep us all busy!

First one! Which is also a Shahrukh Summer Review! Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, going up tonight, 7/8

7/9: Mujshe Dosti Karoge, Hrithik and Rani and Kareena and a classic mistaken identity romance that takes a turn for the INSANE in the second half.

7/10: Na Tum Jaane Na Hum (NEW REVIEW) Strangely enough, same plot as Mujshe Dosti Karoge! Just with the genders reversed and Esha Deol and Saif instead of Rani and Kareena. Also, one of the all time sexiest dance floor moments in history. Really, worth watching the film just for that.

7/11: Aap Mujhe Aache Lagne Lage (NEW REVIEW) Almost the same plot as Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, producers really did not have a lot of imagination in Hrithik’s early days. Same cast too, Hrithik and Amisha together again.

Sorry, no luck with subtitles. But check your local library, decent chance they have the DVD. And einthusan has it

7/12: Kaho Na Pyar Hai. The movie that Made Hrithik. You really can’t understand what he is today and why he is still so powerful and popular until you have watched this movie.

And, yaaaaay! It’s on Netflix!!!!

7/13: Lakshya. The surprisingly underappreciated Hrithik film. A good movie with an original idea and a great cast and great script and really amazing songs.

And it’s on Prime!

7/14: Bang Bang. Grand finale, my favorite Hrithik movie. If he just made movies like this over and over again, I would be a happy camper.

And it’s currently off Netflix, after being on for a bit. Here is a youtube video without subtitles, you should also check your local library and Einthusan

I’ll also be throwing in some fun Hrithik-themed discussion posts along the way, light summer stuff. And he will probably make an appearance in my TGIF. This seems like a reasonable substitute for a prompt thoughtful review of a new movie, right?


8 thoughts on “Upcoming Review Announcement! Hrithik Week in Honor of Super 30!

  1. What about Guzarrish? It feels worth adding. Certainly not a typical plot line. And HR’s magic-as-dance is insanely beautiful. And Ash has a good Spanish-Portuguese type dance that is worth celebrating. And a young and very cute Aditya Roy Kapoor at his best.

    I would throw out Aap Mujhe Achcha Lagne Lage, IMHO. One of his worst. And his worst are very bad. A large part of the bad in this one lands on Ameesha’s head, but he adds to the histrionics rather than reducing them. Almost up there with Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon.

    But you know how much time and energy you want to invest, and may very well not agree with me anyway!


    • I want a review of Main Prem Ki Deewani hoon just because I think it would be hilarious. This is one of those movies that’s so bad it’s good. It’s going to go down in history.


    • I have no idea why, but for some reason I saw Na Tum Jaano Na Hum and Aap Mujhe Achcha Lagne Lage enough times back in my early years of watching that I can crank out those reviews without anguish. On the other hand, Bhansali ALWAYS gives me anguish. Anyway, AMALL has great songs. Oh, and one thing I read which makes complete sense and changed my view of Amisha in the film is that her character was supposed to have asthma. Which somehow got cut later, so she is left doing these dramatic asthma attack reactions that just look crazy without the context.


  2. U cannot miss the krish trilogy if u r celebrating hr
    He is known for those movies.
    All u r covering are mainly rom coms.
    Something different ?
    Also wat was the need for him to call kr a bully.
    Nw she and her sis will milk it all and torture us all till her film releases.

    Btw did u see her new tantrum with bollywood reporter justin ??
    Rkr was looking like he might be anywhere bt at that song launch


    • Yes, but I just don’t like the Krrish movies. So better to avoid them and talk about his earlier films that I like. Although Bang Bang is my favorite movie, so I do have action there.


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