Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Recover from Many Many Movies

I still haven’t written the review because I know it was the one people were least interested in, but SEE ARJUN PATIALA!!! THIS WEEKEND!!!! It is super clever, charming, happy, all around delightful. And I suspect it will only be in theaters for a few days because clever, charming, happy, delightful movies don’t last.

Things to talk about!

I really enjoyed doing Hrithik Week and then Pakistani Week. What other theme weeks do you think I should try?

It’s Rahul Bose’s birthday! What is your favorite Rahul Bose performance? Or have you never heard of him? I’m torn between Jhankaar Beats and Midnight’s Children myself. Jhankaar is an all around great movie and Rahul is great in it. Midnight’s Children is an all around terrible movie and Rahul is the only amusing part.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Rahul! And, coincidentally, also Rinke Khanna!

And finally, Shahrukh Summer! What reviews, topics, photo posts, anything are you interested in seeing me explore?

Oh, right, one more thing. Priyanka Chopra charges $271,000 per instagram post. Can someone explain to me what this means and how it works?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Recover from Many Many Movies

  1. Honestly I think I’ve seen only one Rahul Bhose movie and that was Mr. and Mrs. Iyer and honestly I didn’t really think much of him in that but then again I was way too distracted by how on the nose everything was in that movie which sadly killed all my efforts to take it seriously at the end. However whenever I get back into Bengali film I’m probably going to end up watching more of his work (primarily Antaheen). Also the Priyanka thing I’m assuming this is about Instagram Influencer stuff which is basically when celebrities on instagram are paid to promote stuff through Instagram posts.


    • Jhankaar Beats! Watch Jhankaar Beats! I really love that movie, and it’s on Netflix now. And then you will have seen Rahul Bose in something else.

      On Sat, Jul 27, 2019 at 11:59 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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