Silly Sunday/Shahrukh Summer Discussion Post: Which Classic Film Do We Most Want to See Him Remake?

Do you realize this entire weekend has been Shahrukh-less? That cannot stand! I must throw something together!


A famous writer who hates women hits a young woman with his car while leaving a reading and takes her home. She wakes from the head wound with amnesia, but believing they are married. He must humorously avoid her advances while still letting her believe her delusion while she heals. SPOILERS FOR ANAMIKA and then it turns out the young woman doesn’t actually have amnesia at all! She fell in love with his poetry and knew he wouldn’t let women get close to him, so she came up with this whole plot just to get into his house and force him to spend time with her, even paid off a fake doctor to confirm her story. I think in the modern version we can go ahead and make Shahrukh a movie star who had a public horrible divorce which is why he now says he will never love again. And keep the rest of the plot, a young devoted fan arranges a fake accident in order to get into his house and force him to pretend she is his wife.


A noble serious father tries to raise his son right, only to find him giving in to drugs and alcohol. He forces him to quit but it only makes the rift between them larger. The son falls in love with someone completely inappropriate but rather than listen to his father, he insists on fighting him. His father and mother have their own love story, shown by her choice to stand by him rather than her son. I’m picturing a modern setting, maybe inside a film studio, with the son allying with Hollywood interests in his attempt to marry an inappropriate woman who would be a terrible partner for him. And obviously, Shahrukh plays the father.

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Interesting love triangle, a man and woman are in love, but hide it from their third friend who loves the woman, and is poorer than them and sweet and loyal and they don’t want to hurt him. He joins the army and is missing presumed dead, the two friends get secretly engaged, and then the third friend returns alive and assumes he will be marrying the woman. She hides her love and marries him and learns to love him. Only for the husband to find out about the earlier affair, months after the wedding, and be confused and heartbroken that the love he thought she had for him was actually for his friend and she married him out of pity. Obviously, I want Shahrukh as the husband. And in the modern day, I would want him to be a risky engineer, the type who builds bridges in remote regions. He is a friend and teacher to a nice young man and, through the nice young man, meets a lovely intelligent woman and falls in love with her. He is enthusiastic and sings her songs and recites poetry to him and she loves him back as a friend. He goes off on his next job believing she might learn to love him someday, and then goes missing. She and the young man comfort each other and finally confess their unspoken love. Only for Shahrukh to appear, having barely survived, injured and ill, and declaring that it was her love for him which kept him going, but now he is going to “free” her of the engagement he thought they had. She goes to the young man, who also declares he will not marry her, because he could not betray his mentor like that. In the end, being a sensitive good person, she instead insists on marrying Shahrukh and caring for him as he recovers. She learns to love him, only for him to learn months later that it was never him she loved before the marriage. Much drama, until finally she stands up for herself and acknowledges that yes, she used to love the younger man. But he left her and she married Shahrukh and know she loves her husband and they will all have to learn to live with this reality.

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Classic Karna story. A young man on his way up gets his girlfriend pregnant, than abandons her to marry the rich daughter of his boss. Years later, his oldest son comes back into his life and slowly destroys his business, alienates the affections of his daughter by acting as a “big brother” to her, and even gets his legitimate son on his side once the legitimate son realizes what his father had done. Anyway, I want to do it with Shahrukh playing the middle-aged father. And someone young and hungry playing the son. Oh, no! Make it a daughter this time! Sara Ali Khan sneering at Shahrukh and declaring she will get her inheritance one way or the other. Sanya Malhotra as the younger daughter who immediately acknowledges and accepts Sara as her elder, Ishaan Khattar as the innocent baby of the family. Juhi as Shahrukh’s saintly and unaware wife who eventually also chooses Sara over Shahrukh because her claim takes a higher place. And Shahrukh being all harsh and dignified and evilly blind to his responsibilities until the very last minute.

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Such a silly fun movie! A new police constable is assigned to the red light district. He falls in love with a prostitute and she with him, but she refuses to quit her job. So he dresses up and pretends to be a client, but one who just wants to play cards all night. He pays her, she gives the money to her boyfriend (also him) and then he dresses up and turns around and gives her the same money that night as payment. On top of this, there are issues with her ex-pimp, with his police supervisors, all kinds of farcical problems. Anyway, I want Shahrukh as an innocent middle-aged constable, kind of the older version of those naive baby-faced types he played in the beginning. He keeps getting transferred because of his naive honesty and finally lands in the red light district where he is taken under the wing of a savvy prostitute who falls in love with his sweetness, maybe Swara Bhaskar? And then farcical comedy.

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What do you think? Which do you like best for him? Or is there some other classic film you think he should attempt?

8 thoughts on “Silly Sunday/Shahrukh Summer Discussion Post: Which Classic Film Do We Most Want to See Him Remake?

  1. I am delighted you’ve given us the gift of rounding out the weekend with a Shah Rukh post…

    I’d like to see him remake Sangam, particularly to see him in uniform, but I also think he would do a great job with the romance and coming back from the ‘dead.’ Imagine his return scene? The holding back/opening up?! But maybe shorten the film by an hour…no one today would do the 4 hours in theatre.

    Mughal-E-Azam is such a great classic film. It might be a great vehicle for the turn to father of adults role, which is going to be huge for every fan…it’s inevitable but another huge risk…probably needs to wait and do a bunch of his more standard stuff since the JHMS flop (which I don’t understand at all, great film, now in my top few) and Zero (sorry, that flop was a flop.)

    I would add Milan (1967) but would add a twist to make the female lead have some added hidden depth to share with Shahrukh that gives him more growth as a character as he understands the modern day clash of caste history/present and a modern society. Maybe make it a tad political.


    • What I really like about the idea of Shahrukh in Sangam is it feels like the love triangle is between the man she loves, and the man who loves her far more. And ultimately the man who loves her more is the better choice. I can see Shahrukh being the over the top sympathetic passionate emotional lover, versus the upright and dignified and restrained other man who she loves but doesn’t love her enough to fight for her. Make Shahrukh be the guy who is kind of funny and sweet and ridiculous, like in Chennai Express, and then have the reveal that inside he actually was a brave hero who wasn’t just posing as in love with her but actually was in love, his big gestures were sincere. And once she gives in and marries him, she can be all swept up in his joyful undignified way of love versus the empty restrained love from her boyfriend. It’s almost like Darr, or Deewana, or Pardes, shahrukh is the guy who she can really be herself with and have fun with, the other guy only wants her to be a certain way.

      On Sun, Jul 28, 2019 at 10:04 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • What about a re-imagining/sequel? He is a never married bachelor, living alone in the house where he grew up, his parents are dead and his little sister happily married and living nearby. He runs a little shop in the village, has lots of friends, spoils his nieces and nephews and they adore him, it isn’t a sad life, but he still misses having a woman who loves him. And then Juhi moves to town, a widow starting fresh. She starts gently pursuing him, reminding him that she visited for 2 weeks 25 years ago, he barely remembers (he has had many many failed crushes since then). Just as it seems like she might be breaking through his unawareness, another new woman comes to town, Raveena. She is sophisticated and beautiful and cool and all of that and all the older men in town immediately get a crush on her, including Shahrukh. He does the same try hard earnest tricks, so sure this is real love this time. Finally, he sees her kissing another man and realizes she was just playing with him. Heartbroken, he leaves, only to see Juhi waiting by the side of the road again. Finally he remembers her for real, and is in love with her for real. It all works perfectly, for once, he doesn’t need fancy tricks or plans, she just likes spending time with him and laughs at all his jokes and it is perfect. Until it almost falls apart when her son comes to town and happens to see Raveena and Shahrukh together, hugging, not knowing that he had just shown her the engagement ring he bought for Juhi. There is another last minute worry that it could fall apart, but then Raveena goes to talk to the son and explains, because ultimately she is a nice person too, she just likes to flirt. Shahrukh is all sad in his house, when there is a knock on the door, he goes outside, and SURPRISE WEDDING!!!! Everyone in town turned out and decorated his yard and is ready to celebrate and Juhi’s son gives her away while Shahrukh’s sister and brother-in-law and nieces and nephews stand by him. HAPPY ENDING.

      On Sun, Jul 28, 2019 at 10:26 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • You had me at “happy ending”, lol its better than and opposite of what i thought…. “where failed in love , sharukh goes and works for the don, and becomes a confidant untill one day don was killed by rivals and they sharukh overtakes as leader and gets revenge for him” , unfortunately he loses his recent love in this gangwar…


    • Yep, remake of Irma Le Douce!

      I vote you watch Sangam! I am increasingly excited about it as a remake, plus it’s just a really interesting love triangle.

      On Sun, Jul 28, 2019 at 3:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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