Female Directors Week, Songs of Female Desire from Female Directors

The a/c isn’t actually broken at my office (if it was, we would be sent home because it is a stupid building and the windows don’t open), but it is working at like quarter speed. Anyway, I’m hot and stuffy and my brain doesn’t work, so I am starting off female directors week with a really silly post.

One of the best things about female directors is that they really “get” female desire. Not like “objectify men instead of women”, but objectify men in a certain way, and include moments of actual physical contact of a type that women find enjoyable, and just generally make sex look fun for women as well as men.

To start us off, let’s look at “Mann Ki Lagan”!

Much less obvious, “Vaanaville” from Koode, which is all about slowly growing physical comfort, leaning on each other, holding hands.

“Jee La Zaara” from Talaash, glimpses of a playful happy physical relationship within marriage.

Joyful empowering “Pehli Baar”

Sensitive sex “Tehra Chehra” from Sanam Teri Kasam

Sanjay Dutt in uniform with flowers from “Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do”

And obviously “Dard-E-Disco”.

Okay, there is something there, right? Something different in the sex songs with a female director? At the very least you have to give me Paap.


3 thoughts on “Female Directors Week, Songs of Female Desire from Female Directors

  1. There is a tamil rom-com movie Kanda Naal Mudhal directed by V. priya, music by Yuvan Shankar (a son of Illaiyaraja)

    Here is a song

    Short review of the movie:
    If you like the hero Prasanna (married to actress Sneha in real life) then you will like the movie. He is very cute.


  2. Mann Ki Lagan is killing me. Look at the way John Abraham is lit in the first two minutes. He’s literally glowing! And then he puts a coin in her bowl, LMAO. And later when he’s kissing down her body, that’s a great candidate for implicit sex moves in Hindi films.

    Re: Dard e Disco, have you seen Magic Mike XXL? It’s the only Hollywood film I’ve seen with a similar perspective on female gaze and male objectification.


    • You gotta see Paap! I’m writing the review now, it is so great. Wait until your son is in bed though. And maybe also your husband. It’s as X-rated as you can get without taking clothes off.

      On Tue, Aug 6, 2019 at 7:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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