TGIT: For Thanksgiving! Best Photos of Indian Film Stars in Feathers

Happy Thanksgiving! This is a new post, unlike the two reposts I already put up. But it seems seasonal, with turkeys having feathers and people in feathers and stuff. Plus, feather costumes are almost all wonderful (yes, there will be a lot of Helen).

I couldn’t find a real feather image of Shahrukh, but I did find this picture of him with a bird!

Image result for shahrukh bird

Why aren’t there more images of Helen’s full costumes? I must see what goes with this headdress!

Image result for helen feathers hindi

This headdress is more subtle, but then is subtlety what you want in a feather headdress?

Related image

Oooo! Black and White and feathers!

Image result for helen richardson hindi

Ooo ooo! red feathers!

Related image

Lara Dutta couldn’t come close to that glory in “Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte”

Related image

I think I like Dips’ version in “Dhoom Tana” a little better.

Image result for deepika dhoom tana

And then there’s Hrithik, just holding a feather

Image result for hrithik roshan jab dil mile

Paheli is all about female desire, so Rani gets to hold the feather

Image result for rani mukherjee feather

In “real life”, here’s Esha Gupta in a feather dress

Image result for feather bollywood

Sonam with even more feathers

Image result for feather bollywood

And back in the day, Zeenat with her boa!

Related image

And to end, the greatest feather costume, moment, everything, of all time. Which unfortunately is only available in terrible quality videos, but still worth watching!

Now the only question left is, if you were to pick one of these feather items to have delivered to your apartment for you to wear during low moments of your life, which would it be?

My first instinct is Zeenat’s boa because it is practical and easy to manouver in. But then, when picking feathers, is “practical” really the main concern? So instead I am picking Helen’s enormous red feather headdress. It will constantly knock against the ceiling fan when I walk around the room, but I don’t care.

Related image

And what is the least tempting feather item for you?

For me, gotta be Sonam’s dress. It just doesn’t look right, like a bird licked all the feathers off its body and then spat them out on her.

Image result for feather bollywood

9 thoughts on “TGIT: For Thanksgiving! Best Photos of Indian Film Stars in Feathers

  1. Being a bird, I am fully qualified to weigh in on this, but it’s obvious that all Helen’s costumes are the best and I would wear any one of them on top of my own feathers. I dislike both Esha’s and Sonam’s dresses.


    • YES! Thank you!!!! I knew there was one I forgot, I just couldn’t remember what it was.

      On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 1:34 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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